Who Are The Team Edge Members? Everything You Need To Know

Team Edge's Net Worth as of June 2024 is $16 Million

Quick Facts of Team Edge

Net Worth$16 Million
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of Birth28 November, 2015
ProfessionMedia Personalities

Team Edge is a popular family YouTube channel launched in September 2015 that specializes in competitive videos. This channel was created by three friends and grew to accommodate other Team Edge members.

They, alongside other appearances, make this channel possible. It has been the favorite of many and has gained over 5 million subscribers. These friends are adults but dish out and participate in rather funny and “childish” acts, all for the purpose of entertaining their fans.

Its channel has had about 1.5 million views overall on all its video content since its inception. The channel is an in-house production and all aspects of its production are done in-house like videography, filming, editing, and other activities.

It is also one of the channels of Hi5 Studio. Regular faces on the show include Matthias, Bryan, J-Fred, and Bobby.

Videos featured on this channel include challenges like board game competitions, sports competitions, food-centered, and escape room challenges. It is one of the leading YouTube channels all thanks to the great efforts of the friends, other hosts, and their crew.

How are Team Edge members related?

Matthias and J-Fred are biological brothers and Bryna is married to their older sister Sarah and became their brother in law.

Who Are The Team Edge Members?

After a long day, it’s often refreshing to ease if with something you like, and if funny challenges are your thing, Bryan, J-Fred, Bobby, and Matthias have got you covered. Let’s meet the boys behind the fun.


Bryan was born Bryan Ville on June 23, 1986. He is from the United States but of Guatemalan descent. Although the university he attended is unknown, it is common knowledge that he bagged a degree in Kinesiology.

Brian is currently married to Sarah Ville and together they have three daughters; Ariana, Lucia, and Bella. He started dating Sarah at age 17 and got married to her in 2009.

Bryan has a less complicated and open-minded personality; this is reflected in his choice of food and drinks. He is most popular as a YouTube star. He and his brothers-in-law own a YouTube channel.

In addition to this, he is the co-founder of the Hi5 studio. Before Team Edge was created, there was The Crazie Crew.

Crazie Crew was created majorly for personal vlogs and its cast included Sarah, Bryan’s wife, and his three kids. It had been rather dormant for a while due to Bryan’s engagement with his other channel, Team Edge.

It has 250,000 subscribers and was changed to Hi, I am Bryan in January 2018. Asides from these channels, Bryan also features in two other Hi5 Studio channels: Battle Universe and Matthias.


J-Fred is another member of Team Edge. He was born Joseph Fredrick in Woodland, California. The American star has an elder brother, Matthias, and an elder sister – Sarah, and all the siblings are YouTube stars.

Information about his parents and relationship status is unknown and so also is his educational background. However, there is a very interesting member of his family that also appears in his videos; she is Carlie, a dog.

Source: Twitter

He started posting videos on YouTube when he launched his self-titled channel on August 15, 2016. His page started as a platform for sharing vlogs, mostly personal.

With moderate views, he moved over to sharing challenges, reactions, and pranks. From his first-ever vlog upload dubbed Matthias and J-Fred Insane Parkour to challenges like BACKWARDS WORD CHALLENGE | J-FRED & MATTHIAS, his channel has been a huge success channel has gained 27.9 thousand subscribers and over 800 million views.

Asides from his personal video and of course, the Team Edge YouTube channel, he also appears on Battle Universe and Team Edge gaming.  He is also the CSO of Hi5 studio.

Does Matthias still own Team Edge?

Matthias has made a big decision to stop producing team under Hi5 studios and make their own division under Omneity Inc.


Bobby is the 3rd constant member of the Team Edge YouTube channel. He is a cousin to J-Fred and Sarah Ville. Aside from J-Fred and Sarah, nothing else is known about his family background or even his parents.

Source: Pinterest

He was born on September 23, 1993, of Japanese descent but was born in California.

He has been a very valuable asset to the channel and has served as its manager and director. Aside from his appearance on Team Edge, there is no information about his YouTube presence.


Most times it is more pleasant to leave the best for last. Matthias is a co-founder of the team and has been effectively contributing ever since.

He is the elder brother of J-Fred and was born Matthew Frederick on September 20, 1988, in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. The identity of his parents is not available on the internet. Matthias is married to his girlfriend of four years, Amanda Frey.

Source: Spellbound Wiki

In case you are already wondering why he is called Matthias instead of Matthew, the former is his online name. He is not only a YouTube star but a filmmaker and musician (He ventured into music and film while he was younger).

He has a dozen of YouTube channels he features aside from Team Edge. He can be seen on Battle Universe, Goodly Eyes, Team Edge Gaming, and his wife’s channel Amanda Faye.

He studied music and film in college and has produced a few short films and been involved in other film productions over the years. He has previously bagged an award in cinematography. A dexterous and passionate star has produced three full-length albums and an EP.

Other Facts About Team Edge Members

Asides from these regular members of the channel, the channel has occasional members such as Gunner (Joshua Gomez), Connor, Kevin Ville, Marvin Ville, and Tanner Lee Malmedal.

Also, the individual worth of these various members is not known hence the net worth that has been approximated was done using the team’s general income which rounds up to $16 million.

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