Who Exactly Is Irene The Dream? Here Are Facts You Need To Know

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Most people cannot count the many benefits of the internet and leave out Irene The Dream; for the several millions of her followers online, she is the dream. Irene understands that sex sells, and as such, she has extensively used erotic imagery and other forms of sexually provocative material to get the attention of a lot of people, and then subtly directing it towards the promotion of her brand.

Owing to the not safe for work content she shares, Twitter was left with little option but to place a warning on her page to alert visitors. This has not bothered Irene in any way. In fact, she was offering her nudes for $40 on the platform when this report was filed.

Considering the racy content she’s known for, and the massive number of followers she has been able to accumulate for herself over the years, it is only natural that a good number of people have shown interest in knowing a handful of things about her. Just as the kind of upbringing she had has been a subject that piques the curiosity of her followers, facts about her family and love life have also constituted some of the questions often asked about this internet celebrity. Want to learn more about Irene The Dream? Read the rest of this piece.

Bio – Who Exactly Is Irene The Dream? 

For those wondering what’s Irene The Dream’s real name and how old she is, here is your treat. It has been verified that this cyber star was named Irene Chambless after she was born on the 23rd day of May 1985.

From the information we gathered, Irene Chambless hails from Pensacola, a waterfront city you’d find in northern Florida. Albeit not substantively, it has been established that Irene had a troubled childhood. There are also reasons to believe that her parents parted ways when she was still a child.

It is said that she fled her home in Pensacola just when she became a teenager (13). The police were able to track her down and reunite her with her mom but the incident orchestrated her moving to Atlanta, Georgia to live with her dad. According to various reports, she still resides in Atlanta.

Apart from the foregoing, nothing else is known about Irene The Dream’s parents and family at large. It is difficult to tell if she has any sibling just as other details of her background have remained elusive. Also, nothing is known about her love life.

Facts You Need To Know About Irene The Dream 

1. She’s a Model…

As you will come to learn in a moment, Irene The Dream has tried her hands on different things. But as of this writing, she is paying more attention to her career as a model, promoting various products for businesses, especially clothing.

2. A Musician

Irene takes pride in describing herself as an independent recording artist and rightly so. Her musical efforts saw her drop a 20-song mixtape she titled The Dream is Real back in 2012. A fine singer, Irene is also good at rapping and is quite a proficient songwriter. According to her, she has been singing since she was a kid and was even a member of her church choir. The social media celebrity is passionate about making music as it affords her the opportunity to express herself while sharing the story of her life.

Irene has also appeared in some music videos of well-established stars like Shawty Lo and Ludacris.

3. …And an Entrepreneur

Details of the financial risks that Irene The Dream may have taken with the hope of making a profit may be hard to come by, but there is no denying the fact that she is a business person. Irene is the founder and CEO of Picture Perfect Style, an online clothing store that promises the latest fashion trends at an affordable price.

4. Her Presence on Social Media

You will find Irene The Dream on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She created her channel on YouTube in November 2011 and it currently has thousands of subscribers and has accumulated hundreds of thousand views. Irene has over 44 thousand followers on Facebook and more than 24 thousand followers on Twitter. She is most popular on Instagram where she commands a massive 1.6 million followers.

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