Who Is 2mgovercsquared? Here Are Interesting Things You Need To Know

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2MGoverCsquared is the gaming name of Ally, a popular American Twitch live streamer and YouTube gamer who owns a very successful channel with a lot of fans and followers.

Ally is a content producer, brand integrator, and social media influencer. The beautiful game lover is also popular for being a member of the Dapper Crew group on Twitch and The Peep Crew Family on YouTube. She is also a song lover known for making and sharing her playlists with her fans.

Who Is 2mgovercsquared?

2MGoverCsquared was born in Katy, Texas on March 20th, 1991, a month before her expected date of birth. Her real name is Alexandria shortened to Ally. She was born as the first daughter of her Philipino dad and mother.

Her father was a Navy officer and as a Navy family, they were never in one place for too long. As such, they lived in Florida, Washington, Japan, and Hawaii amongst others. Although they lived a happy life despite their moving around, her parents got divorced when she was in Middle school.

The gamer who now lives in Washington was raised along with her younger sister, Morgan and two older brothers, Kuya and Ajay. In 2014, she lost her father a day after his thirty-sixth birthday. Her mum soon got remarried to an amazing husband, Joe with whom she got another brother, Simon. Joe loved all of them very much and life went on beautifully.

Ally had her Kindergarten in Japan. In Mid school, she got into detention several times and spent that time playing games on the little computer in their laundry room. She has a degree in Cognitive Science from a college in Bellingham and has done several jobs ranging from working at restaurants, retailing outlets to even candy shops. Her experiences in those places were always rosy though. Thus, when she learned that gaming could make her accomplish interesting and notable heights while earning a living, she decided to make a profession out of it.

Her love for games has been traced to when she was a kid, it is said that her heart was stolen by the original Game Boy Tetris. As a college student, a part of her financial aid money went into getting PS3 and games like Soul Calibur IV, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Gundam Dynasty Warriors. In December 2013, she started uploading on Twitch and made Twitch and YouTube her full-time jobs in February 2014.

What began as a hobby turned into a source of livelihood for Ally who had no prior expectation of it. The channel was directed towards funny gaming expressions rather than gaming expertise and mastery. This drew the attention of so many YouTube users and her following and reviews grew like wildfire.

Interesting Things You Need To Know about 2mgovercsquared?

How She Got The 2mgovercsquared Name

The name 2MGoverCsquared [2 M G OVER C SQUARED] which she uses for her YouTube channel and Twitch was derived from a mathematical equation known as ‘the Schwarzschild Radius’. The equation is used for calculating the radius of a non-rotating supermassive black hole. The name came in college because of her huge fascination with black holes in space at the time. She first used it as her PlayStation gamer tag and kept it when she started streaming.

The American star who is now mostly referred to as Gover once revealed that her first choice of a gaming name was ‘JUSTALLY’ which she picked so she could easily introduce herself by saying ‘Hi, I am JUST ALLY’.

Ally acknowledged that she derives so much joy from recording games, footage editing, and adding definite touches of humor to her channel. She enjoys being self-employed given her past employment relationships and the accompanying situations. Gover, who is currently based on Twitch, plans to continue making contents for YouTube again from Summer of 2018.

Gaming Accomplishments

Her accomplishments as a gamer include working with companies like Red Bull, Intel, and Lenovo. She has also been a part of campaigns geared towards the promotion of TV shows and movies; what a feat!


Her Love Life

She dated fellow gamer and streamer Brendan and popularly known as GoldGlove or Goldy. They met through a mutual friend and chatted on Facebook till their physical meeting in Washington. It wasn’t so surprising to friends when their love game began.

Brendan introduced her to streaming during the time they lived together and she remains grateful to him. She made videos with him including that of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in January 2015. They eventually broke up causing their fans so much heartache.

Birth Sign and Net Worth

2mgovercsquared’s birth sign is Pisces and her net worth as at the time of this report is unknown.

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