Who is Andrea Constand and How Old is She? Is She Gay or Lesbian?

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Andrea Constand is a retired female basketballer, exceptionally gifted at her chosen sport, and has represented her nation at the highest level possible. Although she was born in Canada, Constand was educated in America. She played in the women’s team of her university, helping them to win the National Invitational Tournament in her senior year. Having failed to actualize her dream of becoming a professional women’s basketball player in America and Europe, she returned back to Canada until a rare opportunity took her back to America to work in the back office of collegiate basketball. Andrea became really famous when she launched a civil case against the world-renowned comedian, , who she accused of molesting her in his home while she visited.

Her Early Life

Andrea Constand was born to the family of the Constands in Toronto, Canada on April 11, 1973. Constant is a Canadian with roots from Europe. Her parents are Andy and Gianna Constand, she has a sister named Diana Constand Parsons (who may possibly be married). She was educated at the Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada. She played both football and basketball very well while in high school but as her height increased, so did her passion for basketball. Based on her performances in high school football, she got a scholarship to the University of Arizona, Tucson, where she captained the basketball team and helped them win the National Invitational Tournament.

Andrea Constand desired to make it big in women’s basketball, and played in Europe for two years, calling time on her career soon after this, and returned back to Canada. She was offered a job in Temple University as the Director of Operations for the Women’s team, by the then head coach, Dawn Stanley. It was while she was in this position that she met the comedy legend, Bill Cosby. He is an alumnus of Temple University, and is a board of trustee member of the institution; he has always maintained a close relationship with his Alma Mata over the years.

Andrea and Cosby were quite close, and she referred to him as a mentor and a fatherly figure. She was a frequent visitor to Cosby’s home in Philadelphia, attending both private dinner and dinner parties at his residence. On a visit in 2004, she reportedly was discussing with Bill Cosby about the stress she had been going through lately, and he gave her three blue pills which he promised would make her feel better.

She consequently became immobile and semi-conscious, and would later report that Bill Cosby took advantage of her in that state and molested her. She was one of the numerous women that testified against Bill Cosby, and it is believed that it was her testimony that finally nailed the coffin of the sexual assault case against him. Andrea Constand reportedly received $3.5 million from Cosby to keep mum about the case, she had earlier instituted against him in 2005.

Net Worth

Andrea Constand’s wealth is not stated clearly or disclosed anywhere. Andrea, herself has never disclosed this information to the public, so everything in the public space about her net worth is just speculations. It isn’t known how much she saved from her professional sports career and what her salary as an administrator is. What is known however is that she received the sum of $3.5 million as an out of court settlement for her case with Bill Cosby. Constand would have most likely spent a chunk of that money to settle her lawyers.

Is She Straight, Gay or Lesbian?

The relationship status of Andrea Constand is not clearly known. There are no reports that she is married or ever was married, neither is there any suggestion that she is presently in a relationship. Andrea herself has not come out to declare her marital status, which has left room for a lot of people to speculate and spread rumours about her sexuality.

There are a lot of possibilities that could be true about her love life. For one, Andrea could have a partner or be happily married with kids, but has refused to disclose her relationship status to shield her loved ones from very high media scrutiny, because of the media storm that her revelation about Bill Cosby has and is still generating till date.

On the other hand, the rumour mills have it that Andrea is a lesbian, and is just not comfortable to disclose this information to the whole world yet. Those who believe this school of thought believe that since Andrea has never really been linked to any man yet then, she must be a lesbian, however, this remains unconfirmed until she publicly declares her sexuality.

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