Who Is Annie Bot? Is He Gay, What Does He Look Like?

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Jared “Annie Bot” Carr is an American gamer who is widely known to fans for specializing in the game’s character of Annie Bot and is regarded as one of the Annie players in the world. As of May 7, 2018, Jared Carr has garnered 15,557 ranks on the Annie games; up to 6,880,069 mastery points on Annie; and 15,209,497 views on Twitch.

Also known as a Challenger level player, he has been playing Annie Bot in every lane since 2013. Carr hit Challenger in Season 4 and has remained there (and sometimes in Master Tier) ever since. The League of Legends player also streams to more than 430,000 followers on .

In addition to playing the Dark Child, he also streams and writes top-rated guides. He equally has a Youtube channel where he compiles a variety of gameplay footage and uses social media like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to audiences. His other accounts include Annîe, Frostfire Annie, Panda Annie and Toxic Annie Main.

Who Is Annie Bot And What Does He Look Like? 

Since we already established that Annie Bot is a game character played by a genius named Jared Carr, you probably wish to know more about the guy behind the game and the game itself.

Annie Bot, as Jared is professionally called, was born on September 5, 1991, in the United State. There are no details about his family and the particular city he was born in, but we know he has a sister and attended UC Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Carr started out when a roommate showed him the game that got him “hooked.” During an interview with Dignitas, where he gave an insight into what led him to start playing Annie Bot’s League of Legends, Carr attributed his passion for the game to his roommate who was never an avid league player, but more of a casual gamer.

He decided to start streaming around December 2013, when people told him he’ll get a lot of success with it. Carr would finish classes by six in the evening to stream until two in the morning. He said he got enthralled when the viewer count numbers began to go up without any hosting. Merging studies and streaming game while in Berkeley was hard to balance, but he didn’t score less than a B, so it was all fair for him.

Jared Carr is widely known as the guy who plays Annie Bot and there are hardly any pictures to identify him or what he looks like. He simply described himself during an interview as one with obsessive personality when it comes to the game, which has enabled him to stick to what he does over time without losing interest.

On all his social media page; Facebook and Twitter, the Challenger level player seems to be an extremely private person who doesn’t wish to bring his personal life into his career. He said he wants to be known for only one thing and that is learning and playing only one champion, Annie. He believes spending time and learning other champions would cost him the one thing that makes him unique.

Streaming Annie Bot

Carr tried a few champions like Amumu and Ashe before deciding to focus on Annie for her strength, reliability, damage and incredibly high AP ratios on her Q, W and R. His favourite thing about Annie the character, is the irony of the little girl with a stuffed teddy who could unexpectedly kill multiple game characters with a single flash Tinners combo.

The gamer behind Annie Bot said his favourite Annie skins are Red Riding Annie and Classic Annie. He has stuck with Annie over the years as his best champion and described the bot as a simple champ mechanically, with less crazy combos. His advice on the value of mastering Annie – Carr said she carries games very easily, thus, can be used if you wish to climb ranks.

As for the value of putting tons of games into one champion, Carr said you have to learn all the matchups for the champion to be able to play even on matchups that don’t favour you. And if you main a champion, it raises your chances of winning.

Is He Gay?

For someone who practically remains partially anonymous in the public eye, questions about his sexuality have been left unanswered. As a result, we can’t conclude on whether he’s gay or straight and the question has not been much of a subject for debate.

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