Who Is Arnelle Simpson (O.J Simpson’s Daughter), Where Is She Today?

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Even if you are not familiar with the name Arnelle Simpson, the last name “Simpson” should definitely ring a bell as it has been popular in the news for being associated with the mysterious and gruesome murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

nicknamed “juice” is a former NFL player, born on July 9, 1947, in San Francisco, California to a hospital administrator mother Eunice, and her chef/bank custodian husband Jimmy Lee Simpson.

Simpson was a very popular player back in the days; he attended the University of Southern California where he played for the USC Trojans. Professionally he played as a running back for the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers from 1969 to 1979 (that is about 11 seasons running). He holds the record for the single season yards-per-game average which is 143.1.

His career came to a halt and subsequently ended following allegations that he killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. In 1994, he was arrested and charged with their murder. It was a lengthy and internationally publicized trial that garnered mixed reactions from people all over the U.S and across. It was one trial lined with so much racism and indiscrimination.

After a long and messy trial, he was acquitted by the jury, but the families of the victims filed a civil suit against him in 1997 after which the civil court served a $35 million judgment against Simpson for the victims “wrongful death”.

In 2007, Simpson was arrested again in Los Angeles Nevada, this time with a criminal charge of arm robbery and kidnapping. He was found guilty of all the criminal charges labeled against him and was sentenced to 33years imprisonment with a minimum of 4 years without parole, however, in July 2017, he was granted parole and was eligible for release on October 1, 2017.

Who Is Arnelle Simpson?

Arnelle Simpson is O.J Simpson’s the oldest daughter with his first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley. Arnelle was born on December 4, 1968, and is the most recognized of all O.J Simpson’s children following her involvement in his many trials.

She had two other siblings, Jason Simpson and  who died at the age of two. She is well known to have been heavily involved in her father’s trials and hearings both in 1994 and 2008, so everything about her popularity revolves around her father’s court trials.

Arnelle’s involvement In Her Father’s Trials

As earlier mentioned, much of Arnelle’s popularity came as a result of her been heavily involved in all of her father’s trials. Arnelle was behind him giving him all the support he needed at the time. She also appeared in the witness board for him at a time.

Arnelle was with her dad during his 1994 murder trials, and during his 2008 crime charge, she made a tearful emotional testimony at her father’s parole hearing in 2017, which prompted a unanimous vote from four commissioners on the Nevada board of parole to grant that O.J Simpson be released.

Her decision to stand by her father in all of his trials, defend him and even advocate for his release is most commendable.

Although her mother Marguerite Whitley disappeared from the spotlight since her divorce from Simpson in 1979, she has sat beside her children all through their father’s trials, and that is also commendable.

Marguerite who has kept her life away from the media has been married twice since her divorce in 1979. First, she was married to Randolph Lewis from 1986 to 1991 and to a Sale Rep Anthony Thomas in 1992, though, it is not known if the couple had any child(ren) or are still together.

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Where Is She Today?

Arnelle has really kept a low profile on herself, she only comes into the spotlight when it has to do with her father’s trial. According to reports, she currently resides in Fresno, California, not much known about her personal life, where she works.

Other Facts About Arnelle Simpson

  • She is given credit for inspiring her father to write a book “if I did it” which is about his controversial ordeals. The successful release of the book brought about reactions from the family of the victims who accused her of shielding the proceeds generated from the book from them.
  • She has one surviving biological sibling Jason and two half-siblings, Justin and
  • She is associated with the film American Crime story: The people Vs O.J Simpson, where she was portrayed by actress Ariel Diane King.

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