Who Is Bjergsen Girlfriend, Is He Dating Pokimane? His Mom, Age, Net Worth

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An 8th-grade dropout and a depressed kid who finds solace in video games; this is the story of Soren Bjerg a.k.a Bjergsen, a Denmark online gamer who has turned an “escape plan” to a lifetime career. He participated in his first League of Legends tournament at the age of 16 and helped his team qualify for the LCS championship.

Bjergsen Bio (Age)

Bjergsen is the pseudonym of Soren Bjerg which he is known within the online gaming world. He was born in the year 1996, precisely on February 22. Soren was given birth to in Holstebro, Denmark and raised by his parents alongside two brothers. In all the interviews he has entertained, he never disclosed the identity of his family members.

He grew up in a conducive home but had it rough at school. The name of the schools Bjergsen attended is not known, however, it is known that he was one of those skinny kids that were often bullied by bigger students and sadly enough as in the case of Bjergsen, by teachers as well. He was transferred to another school, but the trend didn’t end instead it got worse as he was also physically abused.

As expected, the bullying took its toll on Bjergsen as he was often depressed. He managed to get into 8th grade, but when he couldn’t take the abuse anymore, he refused to continue with school. His parents tried to convince him to go back but he has made up his mind. It was at this trying moment of his life that he found video games.

He began playing games as a way to find peace and escape from depression. It is not certain at what exact age Bjergsen began gaming; he was good at it at a young age and soon started playing for small pays. Majorly, he was just grateful he could play and flee his worries.

When some online gaming teams saw the young lad’s talent, they recruited him. He was first enlisted by Western Wolves in April 2012 after playing LOL (League of Legends) for a while and participating in online tournaments.

Months later, Bjergsen moved to another team called Team LCID. It is a team made up of online gamers with their headquarters located in France. In August the same year (2012), he moved to the Copenhagen Wolves where he discovered himself, so to speak. By finding himself, Bjergsen was able to come out of the shell of the timid, skinny, and intimidated boy that avoided the public eye to a bold man ready to face the world.

It all began with the encouragement of Deficio, the manager of the team at the time. He convinced Bjergsen who had fears about a gaming event coming up to participate with his team. Coupled with the fact that the team members were also very nice people, he overcame his fears and is now better for it.

With his various teams, he participated in several Championships and tournaments such as the NorthCon eSport, Eclypsia Chrismas Cup, European LCS before moving to the North American LCS. He moved to America in 2013 and joined Team SoloMid as a mid-layer. To join TSM, he abandoned his former team half way for which he incurred a fine of $2000 from the Riot Games in 2014.

Bjergsen has been an impressive player at TSM and has helped the group move to greater heights and win Championships. On a personal note, Soren has done well for himself as he won the Most Valuable Player Award in 2015.

Parents – Mom

The online gamer was born into a Danish family made up of his parents and his siblings. Bjergsen’s family valued education and desired for him to be well educated; however, they neglected their son’s depression and oppression in school.

Reports have it that he has two brothers, although their names are unknown. It is not certain if he has sisters or not. Information available would indicate that his parents still live in Denmark while he currently lives in the United States – in the TSM House.

The occupation of his parents is not known, as well as the current status of his siblings. He is definitely not from a famous family.

Who Is Bjergsen Girlfriend, Is He Dating Pokimane?

Bjergsen had a rough start in life but is currently experiencing good fortune. Most people within his age range are in a relationship and he is not an exception. At the moment. Bjergsen is in a dating relationship with Imane Amy, a Moroccan-Canadian gamer who is known by the pseudonym, . She is also a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, popular known for her gaming tutorials on Twitch and YouTube. It is not known when the duo met or when they started dating, however, the couple enjoys a happy relationship.


Net Worth

Soren Bjerg aka Bjergsen has overcome a lot of challenges and has succeeded in carving a niche for himself in the online gaming world. He has grown into a young man of great talents that have earned fame and wealth for himself. An estimation conducted in 2018, revealed that the gamer is worth a whopping sum of $1.5 million. Much of this wealth comes from his fat paychecks while the rest was acquired from live streaming on his YouTube channel and other endeavors. With his current pace, there is no doubt his net worth would significantly increase in the next couple of years.

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