Who is Blanket Jackson – Michael Jackson’s Son? His Mother, Net Worth and Family

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When your first public appearance is being dangled in front of a balcony by your father, (who also happens to be ), then the continuous media attention should come as no surprise. As with almost everything Michael Jackson, the paternity of his children has been a subject of speculation. Blanket Jackson whose full name is Prince Michael Blanket Jackson II is the youngest and third child of the late pop star Michael Jackson.

Who is Blanket Jackson – Michael Jackson’s Son?

Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket Jackson) was born on 21 February 2002 at the Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Southern California to the late pop legend Michael Jackson. Blanket was born via surrogacy and it is alleged that he is the only biological son of Michael Jackson. Blanket has two siblings; an older brother named Michael Joseph Junior and an older sister named .

Blanket was introduced to the world in 2002 at the age of nine months when his father, late pop legend Michael Jackson who was in Germany for an award ceremony dangled him with his face covered over a balcony railing in a hotel in Berlin for fans to have a glimpse. His first appearance on television was on 2003 television documentary, Living with Michael Jackson. In his early years, his father ensured that he and his older siblings donned veils and masks whenever they made public appearances to escape the prying eyes of fans and paparazzi.

Blanket Jackson lost his father at the age of seven on 25 June 2009. Upon his father’s demise his grandmother, Katherine Jackson legally assumed the role of his guardian and also the guardian of his two siblings, Paris Jackson and Michael Joseph Jackson, and they lived in her mansion in Calabasas, California.

In 2012, his grandmother resigned full guardianship citing advancement in age as the reason and his cousin named T.J. Jackson became a co-guardian. However, T. J. Jackson became his full guardian in May 2017.

Presently, Blanket attends the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. In 2015, it was reported that he no longer wished to be addressed by the name Blanket after being bullied for it for a long time. He claimed he wished to be addressed by the name Bigi. Blanket Jackson has been known to be always out of the limelight and leads a quiet as well as private life. His family has been very protective of him. He is rarely seen in public and pictures of him are not often displayed on social media by his family members.

Blanket has shown a keen interest in martial arts and enjoys playing video games. He also loves singing and is hopeful to become as famous as his late father, Michael Jackson.


Although Blanket’s birth certificate bears Michael Jackson as the father, it does not bear the name of the mother. Blanket was born via surrogacy which was confirmed by his father. His late father Michael Jackson also claimed that he did not know the surrogate mother as well as she did not know him. Blanket conception was via IVF. Michael was the sperm donor and the egg donor’s (biological mother) identity is unknown.

The surrogate has been revealed to be a Latino nurse named Helena who Jackson was said to have handpicked and paid a surrogacy fee of $20,000. However, no woman has presented herself as the mother of Blanket.


Blanket Jackson is born to the legendary Jackson family. His father is the late pop legend Michael Jackson and his mother is unknown. His grandfather is Joseph Walter Jackson (Joe) and grandmother Katherine Esther Jackson. His aunt is the renowned Janet Jackson. He has two older siblings.

Blanket lived and was homeschooled in his father’s Neverland Ranch before his father’s demise. He was seven years old when he lost his father on 25 June 2019 due to a drug overdose.

After his father’s death, his legal guardian was his grandmother Katherine Jackson but he is presently under the custody of his cousin T. J. Jackson.

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Net Worth

Blanket net worth is estimated at $105 million. His father, the late Michael Jackson left him and his siblings a staggering sum of $33 million. Presently, Blanket is not known to have any other means of income apart from his deceased father’s property. He would be able to inherit the property of his father when he attains the age of 30. His net worth is estimated to be $300 million by that time.

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