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Buckethead was born when Brian Patrick Carroll became an accomplished guitarist at a young age of 19. He wore a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head and to hide his face, he put on an emotionless mask. He looked into the mirror and decided that was the real Buckethead.

Today, he has grown into an instrumentalist who seems to be living in a completely parallel universe from ours. His music displays the extended talent he has and the weirdness that overshadows his being. The guitarist who is one of the fastest guitar shredders one would find spans different genres with his arts including progressive metal, funk, blues, bluegrass, and ambient.

Bio & Age – Who is Buckethead?

Buckethead is a multi-instrumentalist who although has a solo career, has collaborated with many other artists and bands including Guns N’ Roses. He was born Brian Patrick Carroll on  May 13, 1969, Pomona, California.

Patrick was brought up as the youngest of five children by his parents Nancy and Tom Carroll who died in 2013 and 2014 respectively. His father worked as an Athletic Director at Damien High School. His family did not stay very far from Disneyland and so he got to build his childhood memory around it as he was always visiting.

At the age of 12, an elderly man began teaching him to play the guitar but he did not take it seriously. Later, he would move to Claremont where he decided to improve on the little guitar skills he had got and attend classes. When he first started, he left his face open until he saw the horror film Halloween 4 (1988) and was thrilled by the Buckethead persona.

He was in a band known as Class-X before he left and started his career as a solo artist. By this time, his guitar playing skill was very accurate and it came with speed and rich harmony. In the years that followed, he worked with many bands including Limbomaniacs, Deli Creeps, Death Cube K, Viggo Mortensen, Guns N’ Roses, Science Faxtion, and Lawson Rollins.

In a career that has spanned decades, Buckethead has released many albums as a solo act and also with other bands and projects. He has more than three hundred albums to his credit as well as special releases, Extended Plays, and Demo Tapes.

Among his albums are Bucketheadland (1992) Giant Robot (1994), The Day of the Robot (1996), Colma (1998), Monsters and Robots (1999), The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (2004), Enter the Chicken (2005), Kaleidoscalp (2005), and Electric Sea (2012).


As already pointed out, Carroll was raised by his parents Tom and Nancy Carroll in a pretty large family with four other siblings; John Carroll, who is the only brother, and his sisters- Lynn Carroll, Lori Carroll, and Lisa Carrol.

Into his mid ages, it is not only the real face of Brian Patrick Carroll that the musician has kept hidden but also his personal life. Because of this, there is no information about his personal life, most especially as regards his dating life. More so, it is not known whether he has ever been married or if he has kids.

Net Worth

As regards his net worth, Buckethead is estimated to have a fortune of $8 million US dollars. He made this much from his career which has produced a lot and has likewise been very successful. He has also had many successful shows that have attracted hundreds of thousands of his fans.


Not only is the multi-instrumentalist music star a rather weird figure in the way he does things, but he is also very tall and lanky. He has a height of 6 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 78 kg.

Other Interesting Facts about Buckethead

1. In his early days as a singer, Buckethead got into a competition with his song “Brazos” and ended up as the runner-up of the 1988 Guitar Player magazine contest.

2. Apart from his solo music career and aligning himself to various bands and projects, Buckethead has also made music for films and video games.

3. He got a Fangoria Chainsaw Awards nomination for Best Score for Flesh for the Beast (2003) and also a Premios Fénix nomination for Best Music for Jauja (2014).

4. The music star has revealed that he has been struggling with a heart condition. Even though he described it as something potentially fatal, there has been no slowing down for him in any way.

5. From 2000 to 2004, he was the lead guitarist of the band Guns N’ Roses. He quit the band in frustration over its inability to complete an album.

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