Who Is Connor Franta, Is He Gay? Who Is His Boyfriend? His Height And His Net Worth

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The internet is one medium that has caught the eyes of millions if not billions of people, cutting across religion, race, tribe, beliefs, doctrines, and all whatnot. If people are not asking questions, then they are viewing or uploading pictures, chatting with friends on Facebook, or watching a video on YouTube. Over time, different people have ensured we spend more time on the internet, keeping us glued to the screen with different acts. One of such individuals is Connor Franta who is known for his comedy and lifestyle videos.

He is also a renowned gay icon, who after declaring his sexuality, supports and encourages other young people on sexuality issues. Want to know more about him? Here are some facts below.

Biography – Who Is Connor Franta?

The social media star was born into a Roman Catholic family as the 3rd child of Peter and Cheryl Franta who at the time were respectively, a physician and a homemaker.

Christened Connor Joel Franta at birth on the 12th of September 1992 in Wisconsin, his family soon moved to LaCresent in Minnesota where he was raised alongside two brothers and a sister – Dustin, Nicola, and Bradson. He had his elementary school at St. Peter Catholic School, attended Lacresent high school, and proceded to the Roman Catholic college Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University where he studied business.

Over the years, Connor has made a name for himself through his Youtube videos. His first video titled Connorfranta was made out of boredom but unknown to him, the channel made a tremendous success out of the video gaining viewers and subscribers in numbers that have grown to about 4 million subscribers and 400 million viewers.

Prior to his debut, he joined a youtube channel called “our2ndlife” (O2L) in 2012 alongside 5 other guys (, Justin Caylen (JC), Kiann Lawly, , and ) who are also YouTube personalities. Apart from O2L, Connor was able to hit his aim of reaching a million subscribers which is more than what his other O2L members can boast of. In good time, having achieved plenty and being famous on his own, Connor Franta left O2L in 2014 for reasons which he termed personal.

Other Endeavors

More than being a YouTuber, Connor is also an author; his debut memoir “A Work in Progress” went public in April 2015 and became a best-seller. With well over two thousand copies sold, it was also recognized as a New York Times bestseller for 16 weeks. The memoir was an autobiography about his “external life” as he would put it, and it earned the Good Reads Choice Award in 2015 for Best Memoir and Autobiography. 2017 saw the established author announcing the arrival of his second book “Note to Self” which he also described as an autobiography on his “internal life”.

To better prove his worth as a person of many talents, Connor Franta alongside Andrew Graham and Jeremy Winniberg came together in 2015 to start up a record label which has been doing really well all the while. Apart from him being an entrepreneur, he has also shown his deep concern for people living in extremely poor conditions; as a way of celebrating his 22nd birthday, Connor launched a fundraising campaign he titled “The Thirst Project”. He set it up to build water wells for people in Swaziland in 2014, with the goal of raising $120,000 within a month.

Under 10 days of the setup, he was able to meet up with the target, and by the end of the month, he had raised $230,000. After the project was actualized, he was celebrated with the Governor’s Award for his fine efforts on June 30, 2015.

Seeing how successful his 22nd was, to mark his 23rd, Connor Franta again launched another campaign with a goal of $181,000 and of course, he achieved even more at the end which he again used to build 16 more water wells in Swaziland.

His Net Worth 

Connor Franta has a net worth of $3 million and he didn’t just come about it by posting funny and lifestyle videos on youtube. As mentioned earlier, he is a published author and has a record label. Connor is also an entrepreneur as he owns diverse ventures which includes a clothing line and a lifestyle brand.

Is Connor Franta Gay, Who Is His Boyfriend? 

It has become some sort of a norm for Youtube celebrities to feature their loved ones in some if not all of their videos. This is the process by which their teeming fans know who has their hearts, but for Connor, there has not been any such occurrence which sure led to speculations about his sexuality. In response, Connor released a video on December 8, 2014, where he admitted to being gay.

He noted that he had known about his sexuality since he was 12 as he had no love for the females he dated in high school. However, he could not be open about it as he was not sure of being accepted.

Connor maintained that he is happy with who he is especially because his family and friends handled the situation pretty well and as such, he’s willing to help those struggling with their sexuality. Interestingly, the 6-minute video he titled Coming Out had over 12 million views, making it the second most viewed video on his channel.

Although Connor is single, rumor has it that he is dating Australian singer, songwriter, and actor Troye Sivan. They have been seen together on different occasions being affectionate towards each other, they even have a couple name #tonnor that’s now a trend on social media, even though both parties have not come out to publicly affirm the affair.


Though he has done really well for himself, Connor Franta is not on the very tall side. He has a height of 5 ft 7 (1.75m).

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