Who Is Customgrow420? His Wife, Real Name, And Other Facts To Know

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Till date, the growth, use, and possession of cannabis remain illegal in the United States under the federal law. However, at the state level of jurisdiction, the legality of cannabis ranges from legal recreational use, medical use and limited medical use to illegal. It seems that legality in some states has helped the growth of WeedTubers. The most popular WeedTuber has over 1.5 million subscribers and is none other than CustomGrow420.

His popularity has traveled beyond YouTube to reach other social media platforms. On Instagram, he has a whopping 445,000 followers and about 20,000 on twitter. CustomGrow420’s followers love him for educating people on growing and smoking of marijuana (cannabis). His contents are also said to be entertaining and yeah, he is a legal patient or so he says.

Who Is Customgrow420?

Customgrow420 who was born on the 4th of May, 1984, currently resides in Rochester in the United States. The American lists his hometown as Snowmass Village in Colorado and N. Hale University as his college. He has done so many crazy stunts on camera and apparently, is loved for them. He smokes weed sometimes till he is left shaking, sweating extremely and on one occasion, almost passed out. How this qualifies as therapeutic still baffles the mind of everyone who isn’t under his ‘smokescreen’.

Asides his personal YouTube channel, Customgrow420 is also a part of the Filthy Frank Show where he makes a number of cameos. His most notable till date is that of Frank’s own song. On his channel, he has a variety of catchphrases but his fans seem to love his weed-induced yell the most. It could just be a case of entranced worshippers of a WeedTube idol loving just anything he ‘smokes’ forth.

What’s His Real Name?

In case you haven’t heard, the word on the street is that CustomGrow isn’t this WeedTuber’s real name. Okay, not just word on the street, it’s the truth and we should know, our judgment isn’t clouded by dab (yet?). His real name is Joel Hradecky.

That being said, the internet seems to be the modern man’s karma. It’s on record that a Joel Adam Hradecky aged 22 was arrested along with four other persons in 2006 for assaulting persons in the suburban Lakewood Fort Steilacoom Park. They were arraigned in Pierce County Superior Court for nine felony counts each; six counts of second-degree assault and three counts of first-degree robbery.

Well, while some quarters claim that this isn’t CustomGrow although it happens to be his real name and the age tallies with his age at the time, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Not to forget, the certain Joel was also arrested in CustomGrow’s hometown. Make deductions yourself, we aren’t doing that.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married?

Yeah, contrary to what you may think, Joel is married – to Emily Hradecky and they have three lovely children together. Our concern is simply that these children don’t get hooked on weed before they even know what it is and the health challenges it could pose. While several of his fans describe him as having a pair of iron lungs, we truly hope this proves true after all, for his family’s sake at least.


Other Facts To Know About CustomGrow

1. Removal from YouTube

Not long past, YouTube strengthened their policies and this saw a lot of WeedTubers being kicked out of the space after receiving concurrent strikes. The king wasn’t left unscathed, his channel was deleted as well. There was such a loud uproar from fans as some WeedTubers sought alternative routes to continue ‘educating’ their followers. On the 6th of June, 2018, YouTube apparently restored some channels including Customgrow420’s but a lot of ‘insightful tutorials’ on smoking cannabis had been lost. Some ardent followers swear that history was deleted and a time gap created.

2. His Net Worth

For all he goes through to teach the unlearned masses on the use of cannabis, CustomGrow sure makes a lot of green. He gets a lot of brand endorsements and what have you. It is, therefore, no surprise that he is said to have an estimated net worth of $500,000. This figure could be way higher considering his fame and notoriety in WeedTubing.

3. Run-in With the Law

His camera helped put him on police watch when he made and posted a video with some of his friends breaking the ‘No trespass’ law of the Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton. They walked on the steel bars while smoking and some were even high. This didn’t sit well with the law enforcement that saw it as an attempt at blatantly disregarding the law.

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