Who Is Enji Night? Here Are Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star 

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Enji Night is one of those people who are into a lot of things and interestingly enough, good at them all. She is a Hungarian model, Instagram star, as well as a professional cosplayer who has made a name for herself as a cosplayer more than anything else. Without any doubt, the young Hungarian woman has got herself a pretty nice fan base that wants to know as much as possible about her. Here is all to know her.

Who Is Enji Night?

Even though she is more popular as Enji Night with most people thinking it is her real name, it was as Anna Redei that the cosplayer was born on September 30, 1991, in Hungary, Budapest. While there is not much that is known about how she was raised and her family background, it is known that she grew up as a very shy and lonely kid.

For her education, where she began schooling is still unknown, but because of her love for fashion and design, she decided to study fashion design in college.

As one of the most versatile cosplayers out there, Enji started out professionally in 2009 when she was 18. What drew her to it was her love for anime at the time, just as she was also playing online role-playing games which got her interested in the way the characters in the games and anime dressed. That became the kick for her. Since then, she has traveled to different parts of the world including Tunisia and Philippines for cosplay functions.

As far back as 2011, Night started her YouTube channel but did not follow it up seriously. She has only been able to post 9 videos by the start of the second half of 2018. Nevertheless, she has amassed nearly half a million views and over 15 thousand subscribers on the channel.

As indicated, apart from the costumes roles she plays, Night is also a model and there have been invitations for her to take part in film productions. In fact, Anna Redei was said to have been invited for the fantasy film, Sucker Punch but she didn’t take the role.

Here Are Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star

  • Social Media

As easily as said, Enji has a rather good social media followership even though she is more popular in her home country than in the US and other places. She has close to half a million followers on Instagram, over 50 thousand followers on Twitter, and almost half a million likes on Facebook. She is likewise very popular on Deviant Art where she has over 2 million page views.

  • Music and Cosplay

She seems to have had many may struggles when she was growing up and because of that, she learned to use music and cosplay to brighten herself up when she gets lonely. Cosplaying would later turn out to be the most important thing in her life. Her favorite fictional character is Supergirl. One of the most interesting things about her is that she mostly get friends to take her pictures while she edits them herself.


She attended the ComicCon Asia 2018 which held in the Philippines. There, Anna was considered to be one of the biggest international cosplayers to grace the event that had many others from all over the world attending.

  • Languages

While as pointed out she is Hungarian, she understands and speaks other languages apart from her native language including English and Russian.

  • Activism and Racism

While she may not necessarily be regarded as an activist, Enji has taken to her social media to lend her voice against racism not just against black cosplayers, but racism in general.  Even as she strongly detests racism, she said she grew up hearing racist comments from her parents but she doesn’t think that is right.

  • Relationships

Because she is a very private person, there is no knowledge of who she is dating or if she has ever dated anyone in the past.

  • Body Measurements

There is no doubt that Enji Night is a very beautiful woman, who has brown hair (she wears blonde hair sometimes), blue eyes, and nice body that has helped her as a cosplayer and a model. As regards her body measurement, she has a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and a body weight of 121lbs.

More so, her hips measure 98 cm, her waist is 63 cm, and her bust is 85 cm. She wears shoe size 3 (US) and 36 (EU), while her dress size is 36 (EU) and (6 US).

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