Who Is Febiven – The Professional Gamer? His Girlfriend, Sister, Family

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While making a list of fast-rising gaming stars, your list won’t be complete without mentioning the Dutch League of Legends (LOL) star, Febiven. The youngster has garnered huge fame through his outstanding gaming skills and performances in international gaming competitions. Interestingly, he has been associated with various gaming organizations such as Cloud9 Eclipse, H2K-Gaming, and Fnatic, among others. He is currently a Mid-Laner for Misfits Gaming team in the European League of Legends championship. Read on, as we take you through interesting facts about the online gamer below.

Who Is Febiven – The Professional Gamer?

Fabian Diepstraten otherwise known by his online alias Febiven is a renowned Dutch gamer, famous for being the winner of the 2015 League of Legends European Championship. The gaming legend first came into this world on the 23rd day of September 1996 and his birth took place in the Netherlands. He possesses both Dutch nationality and ethnicity. There is a dearth of information regarding his childhood experiences, family, and educational background. However, it is well known that he completed his basic education in the Netherlands before starting his professional gaming career.

Febiven started playing video games from a very young age and never knew he would later make a career out of it. He kicked off his professional eSports career in 2014 when he was invited to join the Cloud9 Eclipse gaming organization. Taking up the name Febiven which he derived from his first name Fabian and his favorite champion Riven, he was able to record his first stint as a professional gamer. At the initial stages of his career, he was teammates with two other League of Legend stars – Voidle (Erih Sommermann) and Hjarnan (Petter Freyschuss).

The trio made waves during their first professional gaming competition; hence, winning several tournaments including the SCAN EUW Winter Invitational and Challenger Spring #1. Although his team made it to the Challenger #2 quarterfinal round, they were beaten by team Departed. In the same year, Febiven and his team also clinched EUW Challenger series and the Black Monster Cup Europe – Spring.

Following his outstanding performances, Febiven was scouted by top gaming organizations who want to have him on their team. He later joined the H2K-Gaming along with some of his teammates in May 2014. With the team, Febiven went on to win many other competitions until the end of the year 2014.

At the beginning of 2015, the gamer was recruited by the Fnatic gaming organization with which he clinched both the Summer and Spring Splits. He also helped the team to maintain an undefeated record of 18 – 0. Also in the same year, he also garnered fame after defeating Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok) twice in the MSI Championship. The 2016 season saw Febiven record great improvement in his gaming skills. He equally started raking international recognition for his outstanding records. After helping the Fnatics to qualify for the MSI championship, he decided to rejoin H2K-Gaming for a second stint. This time, he experienced rather an uneventful season which led him to leave for Europe in order to join a new group called Clutch Gaming in 2017.

After spending close to a year in Europe, the talented gamer decided to return to his home soil. Upon arrival, he joined Misfits Gaming and has been making strides as one of the best Mid-Laners in the League of Legends franchise.

While Febiven has been enjoying a flourishing gaming career, his popularity has risen beyond the gaming world. He has graced the cover of several mainstream magazines including Vogue Netherlands, among others. Asides League of Legends, he has also competed in other games such as Call of Duty and many others.

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His Family (Sister) and Girlfriend

The professional League of Legends star came from a middle-class family; he grew up along with his sister named Nadeche, in the care of their parents and grandparents. Meanwhile, his parents said watching their son turn into a professional gamer has been one of the most amazing things ever. They have since become his greatest fans and has been caring and supportive of him. Amazingly, his family was able to visit him in Berlin while he was playing for Fnatic group.

While Febiven is gradually making his way to the climax of his career, the gamer is also active in the love game. Although he once mentioned he has a girlfriend, he has never disclosed any details regarding her identity and the status of their relationship to date.

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