Who Is HowToBasic? What Does He Look Like? Family, Facts

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The face behind the screen name HowToBasic still remains an unsolved mystery till date with the only details available to the public being that it belongs to a famous Australian YouTuber popular for making and uploading how-to tutorials. Moreso, the channel has faced a lot of criticisms in the past for uploading confusing instructional videos which played a part in bringing him to the spotlight.

Currently, HowToBasic has succeeded in garnering millions of subscribers worldwide with the total coming to over 9 million. In 2016, the YouTube channel made the records as one of the biggest Australian YouTube channels and in addition to the large fan base it has accumulated on YouTube, the internet sensation has acquired an admirable number of following on other social media platforms like Twitter with 357k, Instagram with 264k, and Facebook with more than 4 million fans and equally above 4 million likes.

Who Is HowToBasic?

Although a name is yet to be made public, it has been established that the person behind the YouTube channel is an Australian, born in Sydney, Australia on the 8th of July 1979. Not much is known about his family background and formative years but the channel gained much public attention between 2012 and 2013 after its debut in December 2011.  It has since become known for weird videos after its first upload titled ‘How To Pick Up an Umbrella’. Other videos followed in quick succession, notable among them are ‘How To Save Power’, ‘How To Dig a Hole with your Finger’, ‘How To Close a Door’, ‘How To Fold a T-shirt in 5 seconds’ among many other videos.

Amongst all his videos, the most bizarre as well as the most popular was the one tagged ‘How To Put on a Condom’ released on the 6th of August 2013 and as of June 2017, it had already accumulated over 49 million views and more than 109k likes.

Each video shows the content creator as an aggressive personality who delights in creating a lot of mess as he throws and smashes objects such as dolls, eggs, fishes, printed images, pieces of chicken meat, electronics and many more. Irrespective of his harsh behavior, HowToBasic still owes its astounding fame to his crazy videos with several of them having sexual undertones, and one does not need to look far for the reason his channel has succeeded in accumulating over 9 million in subscriptions.

What Does He Look Like?

The description of the personality behind HowToBasic is rather a difficult one since the video maker has never deemed it necessary to reveal his identity to the public. He has consciously avoided showing his face in his videos, neither does he speak, retaining his
anonymity till date.

What you would normally see on the channel are weird and destructive visual gags which come as a disguise of how-to tutorials. What was ostensibly his face reveal video was released on the 24th of March 2018, but the video sadly turned out to be an absolute parody and a collection of famous YouTubers claiming to be the maker of the channel, eventually continuing the original creators’ anonymity. Furthermore, upon his request,
his anonymity was preserved when he came on an interview with Nine News Perth, broadcast on STW as part of a 6:00 PM Australian News Bulletin in June 2013.


It is expected that a man who has declined to reveal his identity to the public will equally keep his family details under lock and key. However, it has been established that HowToBasic has three brothers namely Dan, Joshua and Steven but no other information is available on his family life.

Facts About HowToBasic

  • HowToBasic has faced criticisms on the grounds of food wastage, though it has been claimed that he makes use of expired food items from a grocery store owned by him.
  • On two occasions, the channel has faced suspensions, in both 2014 and 2015 on supposed abuse of YouTube’s policy on deceptive content. However, on each occasion, the channel was soon restored, and the suspension lifted.
  • Online estimations of his net worth but most sources pegged his current wealth at
    $1.5 million.
  • HowToBasic is now the owner of a poultry farm as a result of his egg-throwing antics.
  •  He once created a hundred videos in a single day.
  • HowToBasic genres span from black comedy to surreal comedy as well as visual

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