Who Is Ice Poseidon (Paul Denino), Why Did He Get Banned, Where Is He Now?

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Talk about live streaming and you would no doubt mention Ice Poseidon. He often regards himself as the god of lifestreaming. Although he often falls victim to hateful comments and gossip, those have only helped to get his feet rooted in the business of mindless entertainment with no sign of slowing down.

He was a twitch streamer and now a Youtube Gaming livestreamer. He is often involved in one drama after another which triggers many reactions and gets fans more engaged with him. Here is all you need to know about him, why he got banned, and where he is now.

Who is Ice Poseidon?

Ice Poseidon may be different things to different people. While many view him as a fake, others simply follow him or watch his videos to see the next blunder he will commit, and a host of others enjoy his contents and keep up with him. Also, many others would rather wish he gets banned from all social media platforms. However, if the latter becomes a reality, how then would we keep abreast of his activities and follow up on his “progress”? Having established what his personality likely represents, let’s settle down to who he actually is.

Ice Poseidon is a pseudonym adopted by the vlogger and live streamer Paul Denino. He streamed on Twitch.Tv where he was well known for playing Runescape. He played other games including Outlast, Quiplash and Stanley Parable and is also prominent for broadcasting real-life pranks.

Besides his gaming and streaming persona, Paul is known for many infamous traits such as using the n-word unrestrainedly and was at one time, branded a white supremacist for allegedly making racist comments.

Paul was born on September 24, 1994, in Palm Beach, Florida to Enzo and Michael Denino. He describes himself as a weird kid growing up and was almost diagnosed as being autistic. However, he is noted for having unusual tics similar to those associated with Tourette syndrome but denies that it exists. He was a finance major in college but became a line cook instead for two years in a Seafood Resturant called Chowderheads after getting his associate’s degree.

Paul created his Twitch channel in May 2015 and following his Twitch success, he started vlogging on his eponymous YouTube channel. While his Twitch has over 290,000 followers before it was indefinitely banned in April 2017, his YouTube channel has garnered more than 580, 000 subscribers.

Let’s now get down to why he was banned on Twitch.

Why Did Ice Poseidon Get Banned?

When one becomes a public spectacle, by way of broadcasting one’s life to a slew of dedicated viewers, a heavy controversy would likely not be far-fetched.

Ice Poseidon has been banned from Twitch a number of times prior to the indefinite ban from the platform in April 2017. One of the cases was when he asked for a random girl’s phone number while he was streaming. It was considered doxing and attracted a month-long ban. However, a swatting incident got his channel a permanent ban verdict.

He got swatted on a plane at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona. The offence that triggered the ban was not the swat but rather his giving out his location on-stream. He was live streaming before boarding the flight on April 27, 2017. During the flight, someone called in a bomb threat using his name. He was banned from the site the following day.

The incident headlined several articles and made national news across the country. One of the media outlets that published articles about Ice Poseidon in line with the event was Rolling Stone in June 2017. The article was titled “On Air With LA’s Most Wanted Man, ‘Life Streamer’ Ice Poseidon.” Others include the No Jumper YouTube channel which uploaded an interview with Paul in August 2017. The video earned over 350,000 views and more than 2,000 comments within two months.

Where Is Ice Poseidon Now?

He may have been banned from Twitch but that did nothing to douse his lifestreaming energy. Following the ban, he moved to YouTube where he continued his venture and has garnered even more followers than he had on the Twitch platform. That is not to say that he wasn’t affected by the swatting incident, following the event, after all, he is human.

So, where is he now? He is based in Los Angeles and still does his streaming. You can keep up with him on his social media accounts: , and his YouTube channel.

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