Who is Issak Presley, Is He Related To Elvis Presley? His Age, Parents, Girlfriend

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Issak Presley is a young and multi-talented American star. He is an actor and also a musician and songwriter who has been slowly and steadily making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Issak is loved by many and has many followers on his social media accounts. Find out more about this young star.

Who is Issak Presley? – Bio & Age

Issak Presley is a singer, songwriter and actor. He is multi-talented and is best known for his role as Ethan Diaz in the movie Stuck in the Middle. He was born on June 16, 2002, in Los Angeles, California.

Issak has been involved in the motorsports, Gymkhana since he was six years old and has also received over 20 gold medals and has also won trophies from several competitions and tournaments. There is no information on his educational background or the biography of his parents or siblings if any. Presley is a very private person and usually does not like to talk about his private life in the media and public. He prefers people focusing and knowing only about his professional life.

Presley had always wanted to be an entertainer and derived passion for it at an early age. He drew his inspiration mostly from his father and would sometimes perform at events and entertain his father’s friends by singing and playing his original songs which he writes in English and Spanish. Issak said he loved the entertainment business because he loves having fun and putting smiles on people’s faces. His talent for acting and singing has made him gain millions of followers all around the world.

He became famous and well known after he released his single Cowboys are Real Men. He released it first via his YouTube channel, which is named after himself. According to him, the song was inspired based on his life’s story and his horse riding exploits as a child which saw him win several rodeo accolades. Presley’s groundbreaking album contains ten timeless original Christmas songs that so many families across the world still love to listen to and will enjoy for many years to come.

Acting Career

He began his career as an actor in 2015 when he played the role of Max on Disney Channel’s series Austin and Ally where he was only featured in two episodes of the series. After that, he played the role of Bobby Popko in the series Fuller House. He then got his first big break when he played the character of Ethan Diaz in the American comedy TV series Stuck in the Middle in 2016. He has also appeared in other acting projects on television such as in the Nickelodeon show Instant Mom and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. Despite all his acting skills, Presley is still very much into music and is getting better and better in it as the days go by. He plays the guitar very well and has been playing it since he was five years old.


Presley is very exceptional and special but he does not let his fame and money get to him. He is still very homely and helps out his father at home whenever he is free. He loves to spread happiness and joy by performing at various events even at hospitals, charity events and according to him, will set up a foundation to help out people in need.

Issak has several social media accounts which he uses to connect with his teeming fans who are very eager to connect with him. He has over 21,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, 11,800 followers on Twitter, 711,000 followers on Instagram and on Facebook, he has about 8,000 followers.

Family – Parents, Girlfriend

Issak Presley was raised by his father, Lou Presley, who was a single parent. His father was also in the entertainment industry and had been in it for almost his whole life which made it very easy for Presley to blend into the business. Nothing is known of his mother or if he has any siblings.

There are rumors that Issak Presley is in a relationship with Jenna Ortega. The two featured in the movie Stuck in the Middle. Both of them are said to have an exceptional bond and although the actors claim to be just best friends, they keep posting pictures of themselves together and this has caused fans to doubt their public stance on their relationship.

Is Issak Presley Related to Elvis Presley?

Many fans have asked if Issak Presley is related to the late American singer and actor, Elvis Presley who died in 1977 and is regarded as an American cultural icon, especially in the 20th century. The answer to that is no they are not related, they just happen to bear the same surname “Presley”. The only relationship asides from their name could be in their profession, considering the fact that they are both into movies and music.

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