Who Is Jen Selter, What Is Her Net Worth, Here Are Facts You Need To Know

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Jen Selter is an American fitness model who has become popular on the internet with over twelve million audiences on social media platforms. Among other things, she has a YouTube Workout channel that is all about yoga and exercise. As of 2018, the channel has up to 107k subscribers. From her net worth to other interesting and controversial facts, there is definitely more to know about Jen, keep reading…

Who Is Jen Selter?

Born on August 8, 1993, Jennifer Leigh Selter is not only a model but also a social media influencer. Her fitness journey began from high school where she was working at the front desk of a local gym. She opened her Instagram account in 2012 and after two years of motivational progress and transformation photos, particularly those of her derriere, Selter became famous.

At first, the Instagram model used fitness programs as a medium of stress relief. As she was surrounded by seasoned gym goers, she decided to create an Instagram page in order to raise a community of individuals who are supportive and has the same goal.

The social media page captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and she became popular for her signature “Seltering” poses. With her constant bikini posts, she began gaining not just fans, but also modeling contracts. So far, she has featured in multiple magazines including Elite Daily, Vanity Fair, The New York Post, Women’s Health, among others.

What Is Her Net Worth?

What started as a hobby turned into a multi-million empire brand. As Jen Selter aimed at proving that fitness can be fun, as well as inspiring followers to become the best version of themselves, she has been able to accumulate a massive fortune in the process.

Jen Selter is reportedly earning around $15,000 per post in advertising top brands like Tarte Cosmetics and Nike. Considering her endorsements from a wide range of companies and brands, one can see why it is believed that she is worth around $800,000.

Fun Facts To Know About Lady Selter

1. Her Body Measurements

Jen Selter is 5 inches taller than 5 feet and weighs 52 kg. Born to Jill Selter and Todd Selter, Jen was raised in New York City alongside her older sister Stephaine and her step-brother Jacob. Her life took an unusual turn when she underwent a nose surgery at the age of 15 which led to a publication on Rhinoplasty, a local magazine in the city.

After high school, Selter did not consider college as an option above her passion for pursuing a career in physical fitness. She took on two part-time jobs as a fitness gym trainer and an official of a plastic surgery outlet. This had sparked rumors questioning the authenticity of her perfect buttocks, but Jen has insisted her butt isn’t fake.

2. Career Attainments

Jen Selter is the creator of the “Belfie”. She is considered as the Queen of Booty and once ranked 82 among the 99 Most Desirable Women in the world.

The fitness model has multiple social media accounts. Apart from her main Instagram account, Jen Selter also owns and manages nine Instagram accounts with the least, @grambrodyselter that is exclusively for her dog, having over 29,400 followers. She manages the accounts with the help of her older sister Stephanie Selter. Together, they post content at least once a day and engage in conversations with as many followers as possible in the comments section.

Jen Selter’s other achievements range from a yearly contract with Fitplan, an exercise app, to being the creative director of ION Collection, an athletic jewelry brand. She also has some fine endorsement deals with large brands like Tarte Cosmetics and Nike.

3. Jen’s Business Strategies

Some of Selter’s marketing strategies is to use her social media support group to advertise her workout program. She would usually share her before and after pictures of body transformation, with lengthy caption outlining her past struggles and how she overcame them through fitness.

She also shares the results of followers who have participated and succeeded in her workout program, thereby encouraging others to subscribe to the workout program for as little as $10 per month.

Jen’s connection with fans has created a sense of community among those who are participants of her fitness program. This brought about the #FITFAM hashtag and many of her fans perceive her as a regular, real person.

4. American Airline Controversy

On one occasion, the Instagram star was kicked off American Airline flight. She uploaded videos of the altercation on the flight due to fly from Miami to New York on Twitter, showing what led to her being removed by police officers.

Jen Selter said she had been waiting for the delayed flight with her sister for hours before she decided to stand and stretch herself. An argument ensued between her and a flight attendant who asked her to sit down. Things got ugly when the male attendant decided to involve the pilot who called police officers to remove Selter from the plane.

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