Who Is Jerma The Twitch Streamer? Height, Age, Girlfriend

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With the advancement in technology, many people have used the internet not just to have fun but also to make some decent money. One way to do so is via Twitch streaming – which involves sending out gaming videos to a viewing public. Jerma, who happened to have first shared his videos via YouTube, joined the bandwagon of Twitch streamers back in 2016 when he created Jerma Universe. He has since then collaborated with other established Twitch streamers to create a presence for himself online.

Read on to find out all the facts about Jerma the Twitch streamer’s age, height, and girlfriend.

Who is Jerma the Twitch Streamer? (Age)

Jerma was born with the birthname Jeremy Harrington on the 22nd day of September 1985. Although he is an internet personality, the young man has been frugal about his background details, which has left many wondering who his parents are, among other details about his childhood. A few sources have, however, pointed out that he has a niece and a nephew, which indicates that the Twitch Streamer is not the only child of his parents.

In regards to his education, nothing is also known about his early education but we were able to gather that he has a major in Communication and a minor in Arts.

Career (YouTube & Twitch)

It is known that Jerma was once a YouTube personality, but he later abandoned it and moved over to Twitch Streaming in 2016.  He is known to have created the Jerma Universe where he goes by the name Jerma985. He also uses the channel 2nd Jerma where he posts updates of is work.

Since his transition to Twitch Streaming, Jerma has done pretty well as he currently has more than 218,000 people following him on Twitch.tv. This has earned him a spot among popular Twitch Streamers. However, his popularity also comes with a lot of controversy with regards to how he has evolved over time.

Most fans noted that his early days were more subtle as he had the appearance of a sane Twitch Streamer, but there has been a drastic change in his disposition as seen in his videos and games.

Apart from Twitch Streaming, the internet personality has also done some voice acting as he can be seen in games like Apotheon where he voiced Hipparchos, Galactic Phantasy: Prelude as the voice of Matt, and Cryptark where he was the voice of the Engineer. He has further ventured into animation and he has two works to show for it – Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure, and Rat Movie 2: The Movie which he put together with the aid of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker.

The Twitch Streamer also has a game series which he initially called What The…? but has since changed the name to Stuff which has featured him as he plays games like Bloody Trapland, Next Car Game, and a couple of other games he best describes as ‘weird’. Added to the above, Jerma has another gaming series which is referred to as Grand Theft Auto games. He has so far released 4 videos in the series. They are TF2: Ruiner of Fun, Jerma is Mad pt. 2, Jerma is Mad pt. 3, and Jerma is Miffed pt 3.1415.


Moving over to his personal life, it is known that the popular Twitch Streamer is in a love relationship with Kim Dang. Ms. Dang is often seen when Jerma is streaming and she sometimes even joins him and makes comments about his games when she is with him. One of the gaming sessions in which she was spotted in was Minecraft which Jerma streamed on 1st October 2018.

The pair have not revealed much about how they met but from what has been observed, they seem to be moving on pretty well and they are very comfortable with each other.


Jerma’s height has been a controversial topic since his appearance as an online personality, as most sources have it that he an extremely short man. The Twitch streamer himself has not given his accurate height but a source has gone ahead to say that he is barely above 3 feet tall and weighs about 72 kg.

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