Who is Jessi Smiles? What Did She Do To Become Famous

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Obscurity has become a choice these days as the price to be paid to rise above it has been made affordable by means of technology which is further facilitated by the internet. Social media via its various platforms have even made it much easier to share ideas and knowledge and make known one’s talent, even going as far as turning one’s ineptitude into great and sought after skills. Jessi Smiles is one of those who found their niche on the internet and is garnering popularity beyond what her imagination might have been.

Jessi is a Cuban-American video content creator and internet personality whose skills, and humorous videos turned her up to unprecedented fame, at least one she has not known before. She is a singer and songwriter as well. However, she did not rise to fame by passive leisure but by a dint of hard work and constant improvements on what she loves doing.

Who IS Jessi Smiles? Brief Bio

Jesse Vasquez is her real name but the sobriquet Smiles substituted her last name and has been her identity since her involvement with the internet in 2013. She was born on August 19, 1993, in Miami Florida. Her parents were Rubin and Christina but they divorced when she was a little girl. Her mother would later remarry to a radio and TV personality, Joe Ferrero. Jesse has a brother, Joey and three stepbrothers. Her mother and brother have been featured in her videos.

While her brother is autistic, she suffered from anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Jesse was homeschooled for her senior years. She made an attempt at college but dropped out after a semester from Miami Dade. She thought that her dreams of becoming popular would never be a reality and resigned herself to a regular job after she didn’t make it past the auditions for The X Factor and The Voice. Jesse Smiles worked at a laser-removal spa and did makeup, although that wasn’t what she wanted, it helped to pave the way to her fame.

What Did Jessi Smiles Do to Become Famous?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step holds true for Jessi. She was just a teenager doing the kinds of stuff teens are known for during their rebellious years that is characterized by exploration, trials, and errors among other things.

After she learned about the now-defunct six seconds video app, Vine from a client who she was doing makeup for, she decided to give it a trial, even if it is just to blow off steam while sitting in traffic on her way to work. Having dabbled in filming YouTube makeup tutorials, creating contents for her Vine account wasn’t a big deal. She posted her first video, RIGHT NOW!!! in June 2013 and within a month, she passed 100k followers.  With Vine, Jessi took her future six seconds at a time and would usually escape therein when she is faced with a situation she doesn’t know how to face.

Gradually, she began to gain prominence on the app. One of the videos that shot her to fame was The Shit Guys Care About which saw her followers doubled. She also attracted social-media companies like Collab, which helps online stars monetize their videos. Eventually, she quit her nine-to-five job and began scoring brand deals. Her prominence further increased and so did her followers when she was linked to a fellow Viner, Curtis Lepore in 2013 who she would later date.

Jesse couldn’t believe what she was faced with, the astounding success that hugged her daily. She topped her old annual salary monthly and said that it seems her whole life has somersaulted, trying to explain the meteoric rise to stardom. In addition to celebrity cameos such as Pharell, she has partnered with top brands including Wendy’s, Boost Mobile, and American Eagle Outfitters.

By the time the Vine app was shut down, Jessi had gained over 470 million loops and 3.6 million followers. Nevertheless, the end of the app didn’t mark an end to her steady rising popularity. She switched over to YouTube and created her own channel, JessiSmiles. Therein, she posts makeup tutorials, challenge videos, vlogs, story-time videos and so on.

Beyond that, the internet sensation has ventured into other things. She has appeared on TV shows like True Life and Good Day L.A. She played the role of Joan of Arc in Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc episode of the web series Epic Rap Battles of History. As a singer, she released her first single What If I which exploded on the iTunes charts. The song was followed by Bitch, Please!

Jessi seemingly has a touch of gold and garners followers in their numbers on whatever platform she comes on. With over 850k subscribers on YouTube, her Instagram boasts of over 490k followers.

Additionally, Jessi Smiles was nominated for Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian and Shorty Award for Viner of the Year.

Jessi Smiles Personal Life

Jessi met Curtis on the Vine app, they started dating and were open to sharing their relationship details with their teeming fans. At one time, over 2,000 fans gathered to see the Vine couple when the duo decided to meet for the first time after weeks of flirting online. On August 4, 2013, following Curtis’ announcement of their meeting on Vine, in Washington Square Park New York, their fans and even social­media outfit Collab, turned up to welcome and cheer them on. However, their love story turned sour in October 2013 when he was alleged to have raped Jessi while she was sleeping after she had a concussion from a fall in Los Angeles.


Charges were filed against him in January 2014 to which he pleaded not guilty. He was released on $100,000 bail and the charge was dropped while he pleaded guilty to felony assault in February 2014. The following year, in February 2015, his felony assault charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.

Jessi Smiles is, however, taken off the market and is already a mom. The YouTube star met and dated Nassim Ssimou for a few months after which they got engaged in January 2017. According to her, they didn’t feel it was necessary to wait for years to get engaged although they might not be tying the knot for at least two or three years.

The duo got married on April 14, 2017, while she was pregnant with their baby. They welcomed their son, Noah on August 18, 2017.

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