Who Is Joseph Jens Price – Tonya Harding’s Husband? Here Are Facts

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Becoming friends and subsequently getting married to Joseph Jens Price is one of the best things that has ever happened to Tonya Harding, a retired professional figure skater. Ever since the couple met and tied the knot in a low-key ceremony, things have completely turned around for good for them.

Following two failed marriages, Harding seems to have found true love and happiness in the arms of Price, who became her third husband when they got married in the year 2010. Prior to meeting the figure skater, Joseph wasn’t really a household name – he was just a heating and air conditioner worker but everything about him changed after he got connected to Tonya.

In this article, you’ll get to know who Price really is and other facts you probably didn’t know about him.

Who is Joseph Jens Price – Tonya Harding’s Husband?

Joseph Jens Price is most recognized as the third husband of American retired skater and boxer, Tonya Harding. He is a native of Yocalt, a city in Washington, the United States. Being someone who lived far away from the spotlight before he got married, we are not surprised that there’s no available information online about his personal life and family background. But like we mentioned earlier, Price was working as a heating and air conditioner worker and also as an amateur singer when he crossed path with Harding.

Here Are Facts You Love To Know About Him

1. Joseph Met His Wife At A Restaurant 

June 23, 2010, was the year and a Washington-based local restaurant known as Timbers was the place. Tonya stated during an interview with The New York Times that Price’s eyes were the first thing that actually caught her attention and interest and that she fell in love with his beautiful eyes instantly. The former skater had visited the restaurant to grab a drink after doing a job on the television show, World’s Dumbest when she met Joseph performing on the stage.

2. Harding Was The One Who Popped The Question

Few weeks after they met, Tonya decided to do the opposite of what a lot of people have done by proposing to her sweetheart. To her excitement, Joseph said “Yes” and the two have remained inseparable since then. They eventually got married in 2010.

3. Price Shares A Son With The Former Skater

Harding and her husband are parents to Gordon Price, who was born on February 19, 2011. The retired athlete fell pregnant for Joseph Jens Price shortly after their engagement and later gave birth to their son in the United States at the age of 40. The couple currently enjoys a modest lifestyle in Oregon with their only child.

4. Tonya’s Husband Doesn’t Care About Her Past

Until the year 2014, Tonya Harding was an amazing ice skater who competed in several high-profile competitions, including the World Championship the and U.S. champion (1991). She also won a slew of medals for herself and even competed as a professional boxer at some point in her career. During her active years, Harding successfully landed a triple Axel in competition, becoming the first American woman to do so and the second woman to accomplish such feat in history.

The two-time Olympian abruptly ended her career after she was stripped of a prestigious title she won in 1994 and subsequently banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association on June 30, 1994, after she was implicated in the horrific attack on Nancy Kerrigan, her fellow U.S. skating rival. Her first husband masterminded the attack while Tonya pleaded guilty for hindering her prosecution for her role in the attack, leading to her expulsion from the American skating body.

Sometime in February 1994, an explicit 1991 videotape clip of the two-time Skate America Champion was leaked and published in a newspaper. Regardless of these ugly incidents, however, Price still maintains that he doesn’t care about his wife’s past and that he likes the fact that she is not perfect.

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5. Joseph Jens Price Has Never Been Married Before

Since Price has never been in the news for previously getting married or having children with someone in the past, it is assumed that his marriage to Harding was his first while for Tonoya, it is her third time. She was formerly married to Jeff Gillooly from March 18, 1990, to August 23, 1993, when they officially ended their tumultuous marriage. Her second attempt at marriage was with Michael Smith, an IT worker but their marital relationship fell apart in less than one year.

Although Tonoya Price has left boxing and skating, she still trains three days a week. She has also worked as a hardware sales clerk at Sears, a painter at a metal fabrication company, desk constructor, and welder since she left the spotlight.

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