Who Is Jujimufu and How Did He Become a Fitness Freak?

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Jon Call (now known as Jujimufu) began to show manifest interest in fitness training as a little boy around 1999. He was only doing it to increase his body size and strength and be able to square up to some notorious gangs in his Alabama neighborhoods. With the determination and passion with which he went about it, however, he did not take long to begin to see considerable results. Not only did his body grow ever more virile, but he also began to get famous. As social media culture began to gain traction, Call also went on to garner fans among fitness freaks across the world. Here and now, get to know about the fitness pro, how he get to where he is today, and a lot more.

This Is How Jujimufu Rose To Become A Fitness Celebrity

As we are penning this, Jujimufu has over 1.6 million Instagram followers and still counting. How did he achieve that? Read on and see.

He was was born in Huntsville, Alabama in 1986. While Call was only 13, a neighbor who was already a black belt holder in taekwondo became fond of him and introduced him to the art. He fell deeply in love with the sport to the extent that he was training almost every day after school. It also made him begin to frequent gyms in his neighborhood – his parents actually registered him. He began by working on deadlift and squats.

Obviously wanting to perform above the average, the future Jujimufu wanted to perfect his splits also. So he spent a full summer while he was 15 watching anime and trying out the stints. This is how he went into acrobatic martial art which is what he would use to pull the attention of many to himself in subsequent years.

After 15 years of consistent practice, Jujimufu’s fame finally skyrocketed in 2016 after a video of him doing mid-air splits between two chairs while lifting 100lbs went viral. That got him all the exposure he needed to scale through the audition to contest for America’s Got Talent Season 11. Jujimufu became an internet pioneer with his acrobatic arts known as tricking. Here is a video of him doing his chairsplits:

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And Then, He Really Took Fitness As A Serious Business 

With the discovery of tricking, Jujimufu decided to go entrepreneurial by creating numerous how-to videos and articles about tricking online. Already, as far back as 2002, he had formed an organic, online community of tricksters via his website which he managed until 2010 when he graduated college. Therein, he is lauded for his entertaining and funny approach to teaching. For instance, his years of commitment to training inspired a bestselling ebook entitled Legendary Flexibility.

As the years went by, Jujimufu also incorporated acrobatics and anabolic workouts into his tricking regimen and this became his online coaching business dubbed Acrobolix (a wordplay on Acrobatic and Anabolic). With his new brand, Jujimufu developed increased credibility as an icon in the online fitness community.

He kept strictly to his training schedule and dieting menu, doing the resistance training about six days a week. During summer and fall, he would trick for three days a week in addition. As for his dieting, he would feed on a generic bodybuilder diet made up of 6 meals a day with a PCF (protein, carbohydrate, fat) ratio of 40:40:20.

Jon Call has pursued his passion and invested in his ideas which have ultimately paid off. Not only does he have an epic life but he also rakes in money from having fun and being himself daily. He was a technical manager for a small biotechnology company for 7 years but quit the job in December 2016 to focus fully on creating content and creating his own businesses. He has his sights on expanding his product line as well as expressing his fitness capabilities with a coloring of humor and wisdom to reach the broadest audience.

How Did The Media Help Jujimufu’s Rise? 

Starting from 1999 as already said, Jujimufu only had the traditional media since the social media culture was yet to get fully established at the time. This is certainly why it took the star a whole decade and a half to become a household name among fitness lovers all over the world. However, as social media became more entrenched, Jujimufu joined YouTube, Facebook, and then Instagram in 2014 and began gaining steam as an influencer. With this, his fame rose sporadically.

With this also, he began to get invited to appear on TV shows. Thus, he garnered the national attention that ultimately got him a place to contest for America’s Got Talent as earlier noted. He enthralled the audience and the judges alike with his overhead barbell chair split. Today, the rest is history.

Jujimufu’s Height, Weight, and Body Facts

The ninja-like star is not quite tall. He stands at 5′ 11″ (1.80 m) and has a listed weight of 235 lbs (107 kg). His maximum lifts include 650 lb deadlift, 405 lb bench press, and 550 lb back squat. And did we need to tell you that he has beast-like bulges of pectorals, biceps, and other muscles all over the place? And he has long curly blond hair that some say makes him look like Hulk Hogan.


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