Who Is Kenny Omega of WWE, Is He Gay or Bisexual, What Is His Net Worth?

Quick Facts of Kenny Omega

Net Worth$800 thousand
Salary$55 thousand per year
Height6 ft 1 in
Date of Birth16 October, 1983

A few things we seem not to appreciate the most about humanity is how we can create a source of living from anything our brain can conceive of and still entertain at the same time.

It exists in different forms and is quite as diverse as the human race itself. Professional wrestling is one of those forms of entertainment and Tyson Smith, with the stage name Kenny Omega, is one of the thousands of people who help to fill the need for this kind of entertainment.

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Is Kenny Omega returning to AEW?

News has been reported that there is a possible return of former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega to ring but the date has not been fixed yet.

Who Is Kenny Omega of WWE? Bio, Age

Canadians may not be known for a violent streak, but they are known for their culture of trying to please others and after a brief stint as an ice hockey goaltender, Kenny Omega chose to express that culture through professional wrestling.

Source: Wrestling News

For Kenny, it wasn’t a fleeting interest and within a short time, he was training under Top Rope Championship Wrestling promoter, Bobby Jay.

Kenny tried to combine his passion and desire to be a professional wrestler with education but it was proving impossible and so he dropped out. He adopted the moniker Kenny Omega when he was 16.

Dropping out of university gave Kenny a chance to fully dive into the various opportunities available to him as an upcoming pro-wrestler. He joined Premier Championship Wrestling in 2001.

He became an admired fighter in the Canadian wrestling circuit and his growing reputation earned him a developmental tryout with Wrestling’s biggest promotion company, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He left Premier Championship Wrestling in 2005.

Source: Atletifo Sports

His World Wrestling Entertainment career started with a one-year stint at the Deep South Wrestling and ended with it.

His one-year developmental contract failed to materialize into a professional contract with the company and he returned to Premier Championship Wrestling.

Despite the lack of a contract at WWE, Kenny Smith came back to the PCW with a more robust knowledge of wrestling.

Since his return to PCW in 2006, Kenny Omega has won one of Premier Championship’s top tournaments, PCW Premier Cup twice. He’s also won the PCW Heavyweight Championship four times.

Kenny Omega’s career has seen him fight for different Wrestling companies. He has fought under Pro Wrestling Syndicate, and Jersey All Pro Wrestling, winning the JAPW Heavyweight Championship and then successfully defending it multiple times. He’s also fought at Ring of Honor.

Perhaps Kenny Omega’s most interesting career move yet was a move to the Japanese Wrestling promotion, Dramatic Dream Team.

Kenny always had an interest in the Japanese Wrestling scene because of the extent of their creative freedom. He has enjoyed an interesting time in Japan where he has won multiple Championships and has fought a nine-year-old girl.

Source: Atletifo Sports

He later left DDT to join New Japan Pro Wrestling. At NJPW, he formed a tag team with Kota Ibushi. Later he became a member of a team of foreign wrestlers in the NJPW named Bullet Club.

After 8 years in Japan, Kenny Omega left Japan. His departure from the Japanese Wrestling scene was however short and he returned to NJPW barely a month after his exit.

Despite rumors of a move to the WWE, he continues to fight in Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling, and having spent almost a decade in the country, Kenny Omega (Tyson Smith) is now fluent in Japan and proudly represents the Japanese culture.

Outside of wrestling, he also loves playing video games and hosts a YouTube channel where he regularly streams himself playing video games.

Is Kenny Omega Self-trained?

Kenny Omega is the former AEW world champion and he has been one of the best in professional wrestling championships. He has taken several pieces of training of wrestling and as of now, he trains himself as he became experienced.

What is the Net Worth of Kenny Omega?

Having recently just risen to the summit of pro wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling, the second largest wrestling promotion company in the world, Kenny is just on his way to building a lucrative career as a pro wrestler.

So far, his wrestling career which started in 2001 has earned him a net worth of $800,000 and an annual salary of $55,000.

Was Kenny Omega injured?

Kanny omega has faced a number of injuries including a torn labrum in the shoulder, a hernia, and also several issues with his knees and legs. He is also suffering from Vertigo since 2018.

 Is Kenny Omega Gay or Bisexual?

Kenny Omega has been subject to speculation about his sexuality due to his NJPW act with Kota Ibushi. Their tag team goes by the name Golden Lovers and other than just the name, their closeness has drawn speculation that the two men might be in a romantic relationship.

Source: POST Wrestling

However, neither Kenny nor Kota have confirmed nor denied the rumors and Kenny has stated definitively that he’s not in a relationship.

What is Kenny Omega’s signature move?

Kenny Omega is one of the famous international superstars whose signature move is One-Winged Angel and it has been protected over the tears. Few of the superstars only kicked out before three counts after receiving One-Winged Angel.

Kenny Omega’s Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Kenny Omega is active on Instagram as his Official Instagram account has over 529k followers and on Twitter he has over 543k followers.

Kenny Omega’s Height and Weight

Kenny Omega is 6 feet 1 inches or 183 cm tall and his weight is 102 kg or 224 lbs.

Source: Reddit

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