Who is Kristina Sunshine Jung, George Jung’s Daughter? Mother, Bio

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There are many paths to fame in the modern world. It could be excellence in sports, politics, a viral video or picture. It could be the success in your profession as a scientist, actor, designer, musician. The options are abundant for those who desire fame. However, there are those who did not seek out fame but had the fortune or misfortune of having fame thrust upon them. Some of these have been due to their parents’ fame from the above-listed paths. For others, it has been something completely different. In the case of Kristina Sunshine Jung, she is famous because her father is a notorious drug dealer.

While it is certainly different to what we’ve come to expect in our traditional “why is she famous” bingo, the reality is a whole lot harder to deal with. To those who might not be familiar with the daughter of George Jung, the drug smuggler associate of , or want to learn more about her, read below to learn more.

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Bio

While she might portray being the daughter of a wanted criminal as a cool and interesting position to be in, the reality is a whole lot more difficult and excruciating. Kristina Sunshine Jung, who was born on the 1st of August 1978 has had to endure unwanted attention and the emotional scare of growing up without her parents.

Her childhood was that of drugs, neglect, and abuse. Her father is George Jung, a man famous for running a cocaine business. Her mother, Mirtha Jung was also a drug addict who was in business with her husband. Both her parents spent the early years of her life in and out of prison, with her mother finally committing to sobriety while she was 3 years of age.

Her parents eventually got divorced in 1984 and she was forced to move in with her paternal grandparents. At her grandparents’, Kristina was able to have a semblance of normalcy, enjoying the love of her grandparents while her mother went to war, fighting legal cases both against husband father and the government. With her grandparents too old to raise a child full time, she was moved to her aunt, a Marie Jung who raised her until she was 18 years old.

Not much is known about any siblings or Sunshine’s education. We do know she graduated from a high school in 1996 and has a step sister named Clara Pearson.

The bad relationship between her father and herself has been portrayed in a Hollywood film, Blow, which she had a cameo appearance in. Although her scene never made it to the theatre release.

While she spent a majority of her life hating her father, refusing to meet with him while he was in prison, Kristina finally let go of her anger and met with him while he was released in 2014. Since then, the two have been on the path to reconciliation.

Though Kristina has had a rough and difficult childhood, she has been able to build a decent life for herself. She is currently an entrepreneur who owns and runs BG apparel and merchandise. Through the business, Kristina has been able to build a modest net worth of $150,000.

Kristina Sunshine Jung has also gotten married to a good man, Roman Karan. They say people with traumatic and difficult childhood are likely to continue the cycle with their children. As far as we know, that hasn’t been the case with Kristina Jung who has managed to break the cycle of abuse and raise a beautiful daughter, Athena Romina Karan with her husband in California.

Family – Mother

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s mother, Mirtha Jung nee Calderon is a former drug dealer and addict who was a part of a cartel of drug dealers who were responsible for 85% of the drugs that entered the United States illegally in the 70s and 80s.

Having gotten married to George Jung and became an active member of the drug smuggling empire, Mirtha got attached to her own product. She became a drug addict and spent the first three years of her first child, Kristina battling her addiction and getting in and out of jail.

After three years of being a terrible mother to her daughter, Mirtha went sober and has been sober for over 20 years. Since she decided to give up her drug-fueled life, she has been involved in her daughter’s life and Kristina is reportedly writing a book about her mother, due for release soon. In Blow, she was portrayed by .

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