Who Is Kurtwood Smith? His Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio, And Education

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There are many faces in Hollywood that have been around for as long as many of us cannot even remember. One of such is that of Kurtwood Smith. He is an American actor who has stuck around since the 1980s and first got famous for works like RoboCop and That ’70s Show. A very interesting person, here are things to know about the actor.

Bio, Age, and Education; Who Is Kurtwood Smith?

The RoboCop actor was born on Kurtwood Larson Smith on July 3, 1943. His name was gotten from a country singer named Curt and his mother was a fan of the musician. Nevertheless, believing that the name Kurt Smith was too short, she decided to make the first name Kurtwood.

It was in San Fernando Valley that he was brought up by his parents; George Smith and Mabel Anette Larson Lund. He has no known brother or sister and the larger part of how he was brought up is still not known.

For his education, the actor attended the Canoga Park High School from where he moved to the San Jose State University after he graduated. After getting a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University, he proceeded to the Stanford University where he obtained a masters in Fine Arts.

What would come to dominate his life for many years to come is his acting career both on screen and on stage. While he continued doing various things in the theatre, his first movie role came in 1980 when he played the role of a security man in Roadie. The next year saw him acting in Zoot Suit. By 1990, he had already become a very popular face with movies such as Going Berserk, Blue Thunder, RoboCop for which he would be remembered for many years to come, Rambo III, and True Believer.

He has also had a very fulfilling career with TV shows where he has acted in a good number of productions including Renegades, 21 Jump Street, The Zeta Project, Worst Week, 24, Neighbors from Hell, Resurrection, and Agent Carter. Apart from these, Kurtwood Smith is also an accomplished voice actor who has been a part of works such as Batman Beyond, Family Guy, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

Disregarding acting, Kurtwood Smith once worked as a teacher at the Canada College in Redwood City where he taught acting and he also worked at the California Actors Theater. One thing that would come to dominate his acting career is his many roles in various science fiction movies, even though he has acted in many others that have nothing to do with the genre.

Considering that he was born in 1943, one can easily guess the age of the actor.

His Wife and Relationships

Kurtwood Smith has been married twice thus far. His first marriage was to Cecilia Souza when he was just 21, in 1964. Although they were able to survive the next 9 years, the marriage ended when it entered its 10th in 1974. The next time that the actor would get married was in 1988 when he got married to American Actress who also acted in RoboCop, Joan Pirkle. The two have been together since then.


From his two marriages, Kurtwood has two children, Actress Laurel Maree Smith (she is now known as Laurel Garner) and Shannon Smith. While Laural was birthed to him by Cecilia Souza, Shannon was birthed by Joan Pirkle.

Kurtwood Smith’s Net Worth

Having been around for a very long time and having acted in over a hundred and 20 productions including movies, TV shows, and voice acting, one would naturally expect that the actor has rightly paid his dues and he should be doing great in terms of his net worth.

Interestingly enough and not surprisingly, he is doing very good in that regards as he has a net worth that is estimated at $10 million. Just as one would expect again, he made his wealth majorly from his career as an actor and his theatre activities.

Height – How Tall Is He?

Already moving above the seventies, the actor has a good height and was very athletic in his youthful days. Although he is still yet to lose much of his swagger, age is evident on him. He has a height of 6ft 1in (1.85m). His weight and body measurements are not known.

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