Who Is Lasercorn (David Moss), Is He Married? Who Is His Wife, Son?

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Lasercorn is an American multi-faceted YouTube personality. His gaming skills and particularly his humorous way of commenting on his gameplay has garnered him loads of fans. He has over 700K subscribers and over 54 million views on his Lasercorn YouTube channel.

Lasercorn for a long time worked full-time on Ian Hecox and ‘s Smosh Games channel. Lasercorn left to focus on his new project Toaster Ghost. Read on to learn more about the YouTuber and his family life.

Who Is Lasercorn (David Moss)

Lasercorn is an avid gamer who gained fame for showcasing his expert skills online. He was born on April 23, 1984, in Ohio. Not a lot is known about Lasercorn’s background except the few details he has shared online. When it comes to his family, he largely keeps mum. However, it is known that his father is named Jeff Moss, and from a video of him which he posted to his channel on 10th June 2014, it is obvious that Jeff is a fun loving guy and probably had little issues when young Dave would stay up all night practicing his game moves. In that video, Moss played against his dad while his friend Sohinki played against his own dad in a match they titled “grudge match”.

David Moss was just another regular American until he gained YouTube fame. Before taking advantage of the video sharing platform to showcase his talents, Moss worked as a lifeguard. According to his “About” page on his YouTube channel, David Moss joined the video sharing platform on September 7th, 2009. However, before the channel began to gain traction, Moss deployed his comic side to working as a host for Clevver Games. On Clevver games, he became known for his character “Riot Shield Man”.

Disregarding that, he was also part of Mahalo Games. His skills on these two gaming channels are what attracted the attention of Smosh founders Hecox and Padilla who added him alongside four others to form SmoshGames. SmoshGames was a merger formed when Smosh bought Clevver Games. David Moss served as one of the main hosts of the Smosh Games channel which uploads numerous video game commentary shows weekly. The channel quickly garnered traction causing Lasercorn to gain widespread recognition.

His affiliation with the Smosh founders also saw him appear on their original Smosh channel where he hosted several shows. He became popular for hosting shows like Gamer Nation, Why We’re Single, and Dope! or Nope! Lasercorn’s performance on Smosh only proved his versatility. He has since added actor and writer to his repertoire. He appeared in the 2015 film Smosh: The Movie.

As Moss gained fame with Smosh, so did his Lasercorn channel garner traction. From August 2017, Lasercorn ceased working full-time on Smosh Games. He is now primarily focused on Toaster Ghost, a new project he co-founded with longtime friends, Sohinki, Amy Lynn (misshabit) and Pamela Horton. Though the channel was announced as active in August 2017, it was formed in February 2016. It has over 2 million views and over 57K subscribers.

Lasercorn continues to make occasional appearances on Smosh Games. He has a tattoo of a unicorn shooting a laser from a rocket launcher on its back on his back. When a friend of his saw the tattoo, he asked if it was ok to call him Lasercorn and he immediately fell in love with the name.


Is He Married, Who Is His Wife?

Yup, David Moss is a married man. He is married to a fitness trainer named Sabrina Moss. From the photos of her that Lasercorn has posted online, she is obviously of African-American descent. Moss sometimes refer to her as the Laserwife.

Does He Have A Son?

The couple has a son together. Named Tyler Moss, he was born on January 28, 2015. He is the couple’s first son. Lasercorn took to his Instagram page about two months after his son was born to announce his arrival. He captioned the photo “BabySharkCorn” and in no time it received over 20,000 likes. Dave frequently posts about his young lad. Don’t ask why but we can already tell that Tyler would grow to become an avid gamer like daddy.

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