Who Is Malcolm Ford – Harrison Ford’s Son? All The Facts You Need

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Nearly everybody seems to know the legendary Hollywood actor who has played starring roles in several blockbuster movies. His son, Malcolm Ford, however, is not close to achieving his father’s legendary status, having chosen a different career in music as opposed to his father’s acting profession. Malcolm is part of the music band popularly called The Dough Rollers who have been active in the entertainment front since 2010.

As a member of the blues band, Malcolm Ford undertakes the dual function of a guitarist, as well as a vocalist. The band came into existence in 2008 but they had to work hard for a couple of years before their debut release which was a self-titled album came to light. The album comprises of 10 tracks in all and since then, they have successfully dropped another one in addition to an extended play.

Who Exactly Is Malcolm Ford?

Malcolm Ford is an American national born on the 3rd of October 1987. His dad happens to be the iconic actor Harrison Ford who is known for his performance in more than a few blockbuster movies like Blade Runner, Air Force One, Star Wars, The Fugitive as well as Indiana Jones. His mum was the second wife of Harrison, Melissa Mathison, who earned a living as a screenwriter.

Malcolm grew up alongside his sister Georgia Ford (born June 30, 1990) but he has a couple of half brothers named Willard Ford (born May 14, 1969) and Ben Ford (born August 22, 1967) from his dad’s first marriage to Mary Marquardt who worked as a chef. Some of his siblings followed in their parent’s footsteps like Georgia who has gone on to make a successful career in acting like their father. His older half brother Ben followed his mum’s footstep by ending up as a chef and a restaurateur. Ben is also a writer and owns a couple of filling stations, as well as a boxing gym located in LA.

His parent’s divorce which occurred in 2001 left Malcolm Ford in a constant state of depression and by the time he got to the age of 17, he was already into hard drugs and had to go through rehab for therapy which he did in 2008. Unfortunately, his mum died of complications from neuroendocrine cancer on the 4th of November 2015 which greatly affected him as he was very close to her.

His father is reputed to be one of the most private actors in the American entertainment industry and he inculcated the same attitude towards fame and popularity in his kids which afforded them the opportunity to enjoy a semblance of a normal childhood. His choice of an educational institution far away in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was informed by his father’s desire to protect the privacy of his children’s life from the public eye. During his years in school, Malcolm Ford developed a genuine interest in a musical career and so far, he has recorded a good level of success in his chosen profession.

Here Are Facts About Malcolm Ford


The Dough Rollers was formed by Malcolm Ford in 2008, in collaboration with his friend Jack Byrne (whose parents are actors Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Byrne). They met in New York when Byrne was still a high school student and Malcolm had just dropped out of school. Malcolm learned how to play the guitar from Byrne and in return, he taught Byrne how to do drugs.

They started out as a duo but were later joined by vocalist Julia Tepper who encouraged the group to sample other music genres. Their debut album came in 2010 – a self-titled album with a total of ten tracks, encompassing the group’s experimentations with different genres of music like bluegrass, country, as well as blues. However, their latest member Julia exited soon afterward.

Someday Baby is the title of their second album which was launched in 2011 with 12 songs in all. Subsequently, they hired the services of other instrumentalists like a bassist named Josh Barocas, as well as a drummer who goes by the name Kyle Olsen. They also signed a recording contract with Third Man Records belonging to Jack White – renowned American singer-songwriter. Their debut EP which came with the title of Gone Baby Gone hit the music stand in 2014.

Net Worth

According to our sources, Malcolm Ford’s total net worth is estimated at a little over $1 million which he garnered through his successful career as a musician. Nevertheless, some part of his success is credited to his dad who has several high valued contacts, as well as a jaw-dropping net worth of $230 million.

Relationship Status

Malcolm created a lot of buzz in the media when he hooked-up with Jessica Stam – a known model of Canadian origin. Jessica came to the limelight as one of the crops of models popularly called “doll faces”. Forbes magazine listed her among the 15 Top Earning Models in 2007 and her relationship with Malcolm Ford commenced the next year in 2008.

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