Who is Mary Marquardt? 6 Quick Facts You Need To Know

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Mary Marquardt is one simple woman who came to prominence for marrying a celebrity and went into oblivion as quickly as they called it quits with their well-publicised union. Their marriage lasted quite over a decade before it came crumbling down. So, a lot of husband and wife drama must have played while culminating in its eventual debacle.

Mary Marquardt is almost unknown now, however, you will learn more about her here in addition to 6 quick facts you probably never knew.

Who is Mary Marquardt?

There is no verified information about the age of Mary Marquardt, where she was born, to whom she was born to and whether or not she had siblings from same parents or another. However, going by the age of her erstwhile celebrity husband , we can assume that she is much younger and most likely was born in the late 1940’s or probably much later. Mary for certain is of white American ethnicity and holds American nationality.

There exists no account of what her childhood was like neither has anyone come forward to disclose that he or she knew Mary Marquardt as a young girl while she was growing up. Nonetheless, here are some interesting facts we have found out about her.

6 Quick Facts You Need To Know About Mary Marquardt

1. Occupation

Before drawing the attention of the public to herself due to her marriage to the celebrity actor, she was known to be a professional chef and a good one to be making a living out of it. However, as she got married to her erstwhile heartthrob, first and only known husband, she gave attention to more demanding things at that time as a married woman and wasn’t working much as a chef anymore. Thus, it can be rightly inferred that her career as a professional chef ended with her marriage. It is not known for certain whether since after her divorce she has gone back to the kitchen.

2. Relationship And Dating

According to a report, Mary met Harrison when they were students at Rippon College. She is not known to have dated anyone before him so it won’t be out of place to assume Harison Ford was her first true known love.

This “getting to know each other” happened in the year 1964 and they got along pretty well for the next one year while they dated.

3. Marriage

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford married publicly on the 18th day of June 1964 after dating for one year. Their union was one which showed lucidly, the presence of love like they were divinely meant for each other and for no one else.


4. Kids

Mary had two kids with who are now both adults. Their first child and son named Benjamin was born on the 22nd day of September 1967 while their second child named Williard was born on the 14th day of March 1969. Both are now adults today and are doing fine pursuing their respective careers.

5. Divorce

The love that once blossomed between Mary Marquardt and Harison Ford lasted just for fourteen years as they got divorced in 1979. The reason for this divorce is not publicly known as neither Mary nor Harison has come out to comment on what eventually led to their break up. Ford remarried in 1983, so it might sound a lot more out of place to suggest their marriage was seriously threatened by home breakers. Mary on her own part have not re-married but remained single ever since. Their divorce story is one covered with a lot of uncertainty about its actual cause.

6. Social Media

For someone like Mary Marquardt who little or almost nothing is known about her, some persons took it upon themselves to give her a virtual existence on the internet by creating social media accounts with her name on various platforms. A fact in this is that she does not operate any verified social media account, so, all those search results or suggestions that come up once her name is keyed in and searched on any social media database are convincingly false accounts.

The way to know this is that such accounts are usually void of her recent pictures or posts that show her recent picture and what she is up to. So, you might do yourself good to unfollow such accounts if you are already doing so or simply ignore them if you see one. It is a waste of time to follow fake celebrity social media accounts.

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