Who is Mikey Barone, Is He Gay, Where is He Now and How Old is He?

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Mikey Barone is an internet sensation who is making waves on various social media platforms. Aside from rocking Instagram and YouTube, he is well known on YouNow, an application used for live-streaming. Like many others, Mikey Barone has been able to use the numerous social media platforms available to showcase his talent and earn a living for himself in the process. One of the questions which have continually troubled the minds of many Mikey Barone fans is his sexuality. Is Mikey gay or straight? Find out as we unveil to you secrets about this media personality, including his whereabouts.

Who is Mikey Barone, How Old Is He?

Born as Michael Barone to American parents on the 2nd of July 1999, in Providence, Rhode Island, United States. The Instagram star is the son of Bella Barone who got divorced from his father when he was still very young. Both of them have since remarried to different people, leaving Mikey with two other new parents, a stepmom named Wendy Otero who married his biological father and a stepfather named Michael who is married to his biological mother.

Mikey’s parents moved around a lot during his childhood days and it made him keep fewer friends as he felt it was just a matter of time before he and his parents would leave to another location. He, however, managed to hold on to one friend, his best friend who just like Mikey is an Instagram star, he was born in Maryland and is about the same age as Mike. Hall has over 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account. On YouNow, Hall has about double the amount of followers Mikey has. Mikey and Hall are extremely close and it makes fans of the pair question if they might be more than just friends.

When Mikey was 15, he signed up to social media and that marked the beginning and start-up of his internet career. Mikey Barone is on every social media platform you can think of and it is via this means that he earns his pay. His inspiration to join social media and become an influencer came after watching Expelled, which saw its star cast rise to fame through social media. He soon joined Vine and started uploading short videos. He spent a short time on Vine before switching to YouNow in January 2015. It was on YouNow that Mikey began to build his fame. He became famous on the live broadcasting service within a few months of joining and seeing the number of followers and recognition he got from YouNow, Mikey decided to expand his social media horizon. First, he signed up to all popular social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube.

On YouTube, he created a channel on December 12, 2015, and the channel now has close to half a million subscribers. On Twitter, Mikey’s handle boasts of over 233 thousand followers. His highest social media following is on his Instagram account, where he has close to half a million followers. Mikey Barone is a lover of video games and it made him join the video game streaming app Twitch. On Twitch, Mikey has 9.74 thousand followers and gas earned over 93 thousand views on his contents.


Is Mikey Barone Gay?

Mikey’s closeness to his best friend Bryce Hall has made people often believe that the pair might just be dating each other, thereby questioning his sexuality. However, both Mikey and Hall have continuously dismissed such claims and both of the Instagram stars have shared a little about their dating lives.

Mikey used to date Instagram star and their love life was not hidden from the media as they both share pictures of themselves on their various social media platforms. Taylor is also popular on YouNow. Since leaving Taylor, Mikey has since been dating another Instagram star, Nicole Anderson. Nicole is only 17 years old and she has an Instagram account which boasts of over 100 thousand followers.

Where is Mikey Now?

Mikey is still very much active on the social media scene as it is his only known source of income. He moved around a lot as a child, but since he became a well-earning adult, he has done his best to settle and not move around ever so often. The Instagram star resides in Los Angeles, California.

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