Who Is Nick Colletti? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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If you were a fan of the discontinued six seconds video app which was launched in 2013, you most certainly have come across one of its foremost creators and sensations, Nick Colletti. Thanks to the now defunct app, he became awesomely famous.

Nick dominated the platform and was the unofficial “King of Vine” with over 1.9 million followers and close to 2 billion loops. He is also a comedian and a musician; here is everything you need to know about the Viner turned musician.

Who Is Nick Colletti?

Nick Colletti was able to parlay his Vine fame into new opportunities, seeking income from platforms with better monetization models such as YouTube and Instagram. Though the platform that introduced him to the mainstream is now defunct, we are grateful for the period it lasted; mostly for introducing us to him and other super funny creators like , , , , , and .

Things You Need To Know About Nick

Age and Early Life

The former Viner was born Nicholas Colletti on July 9, 1994, in Honolulu, Hawaii but grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a kid, he was enamored of music and was interested in anything that has to do with sound and films, thus, his exploration of his creative abilities. He started making music videos and honing his talent in music. Nick also has this innate ability to crack up one’s ribs and often stage his friends with a plethora of funny jokes and anecdotes.

With his music and comedy prowess coupled with a captivating manner of communication with audience and fans, he became a celebrity in no time following his emergence on the internet.

His Activities On Vine

Nick Colletti became prominent for his works on the video-sharing platform. His relationship with the LA-based music producer and dubstep DJ, Getter (you will learn about their friendship in a while) further accentuated his prominence. The six-second video app was taken down in late 2016 and archived in January 2017. Following its discontinuation, Colletti left to forge a career in music under the moniker, Yung Thud.

His fame has, however, transcended to other platforms such as Twitter where he commands a following of 474k and the picture sharing website, Instagram with 530k followers. He is also prominent on the video sharing website, YouTube with more than 52k subscribers. Of course, these figures have been increasing and are bound to soar in the nearest future.


Bromance With Getter

Getter whose real name is Tanner Petulla and Nick Colletti first met on Twitter, (surprisingly not Vine where their friendship was popularized). They followed each other for a while, got acquainted and eventually met up in real life, although their friendship burst onto the mainstream with their famous Vine titled “Suh Dude.” The phrase Suh Dude is colloquial for “what’s up dude?”

After they met, they became super close and inseparable and also have some creative collaborations together including a clothing line, music, and tours. Their unique sense of humor also sparked off a creative movement across the country.

Apart from being a musician (known by his pseudonym Terror Reid), a DJ, and a music producer, Nick’s buddy Getter was also a part of the web series known as DJ World which was created by Fillion Francis. He launched his own record label in 2017 as well as owns a clothing line named Trippy Burger. Too many achievements in his young life you would say; the ingenious and talented dude was born in April 1993.

The duo also incorporated the famous phrase “Suh Dude” into their various endeavors, even as merchandise for their clothing brand. The brand sells “Suh Dude” shirts and other official “Suh Dude” items.

Music Endeavor

Colletti forged his own music career and has grown in fame as a rapper with a number of works to his credit including a popular music video for the song “Wooby Woo”. He uses the pseudonym Yung Turd and is known for the hip-hop and Trap Rap genre. His discography includes 3 albums (Gas, Tears, Ghost– all released in 2016), and an EP – Halo. His most notable singles are Suh My Fuh Dih Bih (2006), Hood Rich (2006) and Shamoo (2017).

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