Who Is Nydia Bertran – Roger Stone’s Wife? Everything You Need To Know

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Nydia Bertran Stone is the wife of one of American’s top consultant in politics. Mrs. Stone is of Cuban ancestry and was once a professional model who now is into photography. The pair met at one of Ronald Reagan’s political campaigns around the 1980s. The couple has a child together, Scott Stone. Like Mr. Roger Stone, Nydia has been very active in right-wing politics in America for a decade and counting.

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Who Is Nydia Bertran?

Upon her birth on the 8th of May in 1946, Mrs. Stone was given the name Nydia Margarita Bertran. The Bertan family relocated from Cuba to America when communism got established through Fidel Castro’s government. Before then, Nydia’s dad worked as a Cuban diplomat under the Batista regime. His position afforded their family an opportunity to live in affluence. Nydia attended the best schools and got the proper education.

On getting to America, she quit school and began modeling as a full-time profession. She began posing for local advertisements and some campaigns in marketing. Nydia Bertran was very successful at modeling for some years and along the way, she came to discover her passion for photography.

Young Nydia saved up for a camera which she used for practice. Soon enough, she moved from being photographed to being behind the camera. As she continued to learn and refine her skills, she started getting photography jobs.

Everything You Need To Know About Roger Stone’s Wife


Before her meeting and marriage to Roger Stone, Nydia Bertran was married to another man, however, the marriage was short-lived. Roger Stone too was initially in a marriage for sixteen years.

Nydia and Roger met at one of President Reagan’s campaigns and they were immediately drawn to each other after discovering how much they had in common. Their wedding later took place in Las Vegas in 1992.

Passion For Photography

As earlier stated, Nydia Bertran has always been in love with the camera; initially, in front of it then later on, behind it. Since getting that camera from her hard-earned savings, there has been no stopping her. Initially, she landed small projects for individual photo sessions and other small events.

As time progressed, she graduated to news photography which helped her get on a number of campaigns, especially in politics, like the Reagan Campaign where she met Roger. She was also reportedly a personal photographer to President Nixon’s.

The Stones in a Sex Scandal

Around 1996, Roger Stone was compelled to leave his position as a consultant to Senator Bob Dole in his quest for the presidency after news hit the tabloids and the mainstream media about a sexualized ad involving Stone and his wife. The advert featured sexy photographs of the Stones in search of sexual partners.

They called themselves experienced swingers who were in search of similar couples. Even though the advertisement fee was placed on Nydia’s tab, the couple denied the allegation. They claimed that the picture of Roger was snapped during a bodybuilding contest and Nydia’s during her modeling days.

Stone confessed the truth a decade later with the “The New Yorker” publishing an article titled “The Dirty Trickster.” Stone confessed that everything was real and that he had to deny then because his grandparents were still alive.


Roger has been described as a lobbyist and a conspiracy theorist who derives pleasure in courting any form of publicity either positive or negative. He is popular for his use of Opposition Research for clients who are mostly Republicans.

Nydia Bertran is Fiercely Defensive of Her Husband

Nydia isn’t a novice to politics and its exposure. Her upbringing prepared her for her life with Roger. Nydia is active on Instagram and Twitter and often takes to both social media platforms to make known her opinions and displeasure about different political and social issues.

On the 25th of January 2019, Roger was arrested due to Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation. Stone was charged with witness tampering, five counts of false statements and on top of that obstruction of official proceedings all in connection to President Trump’s 2016 campaign. On the day of his arrest, he was released on a $250K signature bond.

Before his arrest, Nydia Bertran Stone shared several tweets defending him in 2018. She asserted that (Trump’s former campaign manager) had no information that could have negatively affect her husband; she accused him of lying to get on television. Nydia Bertran subsequently shared that she has been by Roger for 30 years and that no amount of interview would reveal what is not existent. She has shared subsequent Tweets supporting her husband.

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