Who is Paul Edward Hospenthal? His Bio, Height, Wife, Net Worth

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To understand Paul Edward Hospenthal’s career, you will need to consider this. While the rest of us use our muscles in one way or the other as we go about our daily lives, applying a considerable amount of stress on them in pursuit of our daily bread, no one applies as much nor depend on their muscles and general fitness of their body as much as sportsmen.

We’ve often watched films and television shows of men who fall into depression after their professional career is ruined because of an injury. They were on their way to stardom and wealth and bam! An injury takes it all from them. To prevent these shattered dreams in sportsmen and women, a few people have decided to dedicate their lives to studying the human body and its relationship with the stress exerted on it by sporting activities.

They have devised ways to counter those stress and heal from various injuries from these activities. One of the men that is famously known across the sporting world in America for his knowledge and skills in this regard is Paul Edward Hospenthal. Learn more about the physical therapist below.

Paul Edward Hospenthal Bio

There is no way to know if his parents always knew he would become a superstar therapist when they welcomed him into their lives on the 5th of June 1965 but Paul certainly showed excellence as a child and it has persisted with him to adulthood.

Details of his parents and of any siblings are unknown other than unconfirmed rumors that his father used to work in a printing press and his mother was simply a housewife – we do not know for certain but we know he was born in Tacoma, Washington and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, suggesting his parents lived and raised him in Tacoma.

At Puget Sound, Paul Edward Hospenthal was well into sports and he participated in athletics, specifically track and field, winning a 400-meter race competition. One reckons while he was an athlete and witnessed injuries or suffered some himself, he was inspired to pursue sports medicine.

Regardless of whatever may have inspired Paul Edward Hospenthal, the excellence that has been an identity of his life helped him win a fellowship in Sports Medicine from Western Michigan University. It was at Western Michigan that he ended up as a Sports Therapist.

As a sports therapist, he is well versed in his job and has attracted some of the topmost talents on the country, to end up as a celebrity therapist. He is also an avid golfer, who trains newcomers in the sport.

Net Worth

As a celebrity therapist, Paul Edward Hospenthal makes a lot more money than regular therapists partly due to his prestige as a talented therapist and also his acute business sense that his wife has repeatedly praised in the media. He is currently believed to be worth $1 million.

Who is His Wife – Danica Patrick?

Paul Edward’s excellence and name were unknown to the mainstream audience until his marriage to , a former professional racing driver who is regarded as the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. During her time as a professional racer, she set multiple records for women in American auto racing, including winning the prestigious Indycar Series. She also has the highest finish ever achieved by a woman in the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.

Like a story out of the 2010 film, Just Wright starring and Common, the two met after Danica visited Paul Edward Hospenthal for the treatment of a hip injury in 2002 and they both fell in love, began dating and ultimately got married in 2005.


The marriage lasted for 8 years despite the significant age difference between both parties which was 20 odd years. The two never gave birth to any children during their time together and eventually got divorced in 2013 after rumors of Danica dating a fellow car driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. began to surface.


Other than being a famous sports therapist with his name and face known to sports fans in the United States, Paul Edward Hospenthal is also quite difficult to miss in a crowd, well except in a crowd of NBA players. The superstar sports therapist stands at an above average 5 feet and 10 inches and weighs 75 kg. He has a lean but fit body with dark brown eyes and brown hair.

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