Who is Sara Rubin of BuzzFeed? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts To Know

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Sara Rubin is a BuzzFeed celebrity who has been in front of and behind the camera for a while now. She is a video producer who also features in some of her productions on the internet media BuzzFeed. The internet since its advent has been used as a great platform to disseminate information to a very large audience at the same time. It has created the opportunity for many to have access to news, entertainment, sports and other types of information from any part of the world. One of the most interesting things about the internet is that the information can come in various formats such as audio, visuals, audio-visuals, text, and so on.

Many have taken advantage of the internet to create wealth. One of such people is BuzzFeed, the pioneers of the internet media. BuzzFeed is similar to a physical media house that trains reporters and disseminates news and other related content. This virtual platform like its physical counterparts has made celebrities of persons like Sara Rubin. She became popular because of her dexterity and talent which she doesn’t fail to display on the platform. She has her account on BuzzFeed which she uses to share information in form of videos. Her most popular videos include How Many of These Awkward Moments Have Happened To You? and Flirting or Not Flirting? Let us get to know interesting facts about the American producer below. Keep reading.

Here Are 5 Interesting Facts To Know About Sara Rubin

Personal Profile – Who is Sara Rubin of BuzzFeed?

Sara Rubin began her earthly journey on October 23, 1989, in one of the cities in America. She is American by birth and is of white ethnicity. Nothing is known of her educational pursuits or previous employment or occupations before her career with BuzzFeed. Generally, not much is known about her personal life also. One fun fact about Sara Rubin is that she loves to put on hair with different and exciting colors.


Sara picked a rather unconventional career. Her career choice is not so popular as the regular careers we have today. It is one that involves ingenuity and creativity to keep the audience interested and wanting more. In other to satisfy the Oliver Twist’s nature of the audience a lot of hard work has to be pulled in. Sara works as a video content producer on the virtual platform, BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed contents vary from news, entertainment, podcasts among other things and Sara engages in a variety of contents.

According to authentic sources, her career as a producer on BuzzFeed kicked off in March 2014. Since then she has been active. She is also a writer on the platform and appears on some of the videos. Furthermore, Sara Rubin is also a social media sensation. She is very popular on YouTube with about 310K subscribers on her channel.


Sara belongs to the league of celebrities who prefer to keep information about their family away from social media or the internet. The parents of this bold and enthusiastic producer are not known. The relationship she has with her parents or any influences they may have had on her and her life choices are unknown to the public. She also keeps facts about her siblings (if she has any) away from media attention.


Sara Rubin is presently not single even though she is also not yet married. She has a partner and is the girlfriend of fellow BuzzFeed star, .

Shane has been in the spotlight for a while now and for almost totally for controversial reasons. There is no doubt he is a great host and presenter but most of his popularity stems from his views on ghosts and the paranormal. He believes that ghosts are fallacies and do not exist. This has made people see him as a lot of things, even a demon. He is a co-host on Buzzfeed Unsolved the other host being .

It is not known when Sara and Shane met or when they began dating. Although it can be said that the couple seems to enjoy each other’s company and are supportive of each other. We look forward to hearing news of engagement and a subsequent wedding soon.

Net Worth – What is Sara Rubin Worth?

Sara Rubin is a very impressive personality; a woman to look up to in the 21st century. She has been able to harness her talents successfully and then use it to her favor. Also, she has been able to adapt to the technology of this era and build a career out of it. It is not known if Sara had any formal training in the area of production or she picked it up on the job, however, what is known is that she is an exceptional video producer. Her videos are characterized by clarity and good camera usage. Her work has gained her a lot of fame especially on the digital media company, BuzzFeed.


In addition to her BuzzFeed presence, she also has a booming social media presence. She has a lot of followers on different social media sites. The easygoing and cheerful video producer for Buzzfeed sits on a net worth of $4 million. This is truly amazing as she is worth more than a lot of people in the corporate sector.

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