Who Is Sarah Jade – Dave Bautista’s Wife? Here are 5 facts You Need To Know

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On the 12th of December 1987, a little girl was born in the major city of Tampa in Florida, United States of America and named Sarah Jade. Who really is Sarah Jade and why should there even be an article about her? Well, here are some things to know about her…

Facts You Need To Know About Sarah Jade

She Is A Professional Pole Dancer

At the age of 18, Sarah while doing some bartending job, came upon girls dancing in a strip club and enjoyed watching them. Soon, she ‘stumbled’ on some YouTube videos of popular pole dancers, Karol Helms and Alethea Austin and the love for pole dancing began to well up in her. With her passion, she got a pole from an online store, taught herself the skill of pole dancing and did it for 2 years as a hobby. For two consecutive years, in 2012 and 2013, Sarah partook in the Florida Pole Fitness Championship under the Pro-Division and was the ‘Most Athletic’ on both occasions.

Her success spurred the beginning of a teaching career in pole dancing and Buttercup Pole dance was born in the same year (2011). She put all her time and energy into the dance classes and full-time teaching, traveling all around the United States and imparting this knowledge to other avid learners. Her workshops were an emphasis of the slinky style which has fast become her signature in pole dancing.

By the year 2016, Sarah earned the title of Miss Pole Dance America. Some of her other notable accomplishments include performing in events like the Florida Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase (2011-2016), Pole For A Purpose (2011-2017), Nude Nite Aerialist (2015-2017), and USPDF Amateur nationals (2011-2012). As news of her success traveled, it was no surprise that she became the Brand Ambassador for Bad Kitty. She is also the nightshade Designs lady of the Night and X Pole USA Athlete. Well, in case you didn’t know, Sarah has a website called sarahjadepoledancer.com. Here, you can find her schedule of some sorts and also, there’s a whole blog segment dedicated to the dancer’s insight about her line of work.

She Is The Third Wife of Batista, The Legendary Wrestler

Sarah Jade is married to Dave Bautista, an American actor, martial artist, professional wrestler, and bodybuilder. Bautista is popularly known as Batista in the world of wrestling. He was signed under the WWE where he won the world championship 6 times. When they began dating, their relationship raised quite some sparks in certain quarters due to the huge age difference between them. Age is just a number, they say but does 20 years count as just a number?

Dave and Sarah tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with much splendor and lots of white flowers in October 2015. Sarah is the third wife to Batista who was previously married to Glenda Bautista for 8 years (1990-1998) and Angie Bautista for another 8 years (1998-2006). Sarah is, therefore, a step-mother to two lovely girls, Athena and Keilani, the Wrestler’s daughters and only children borne by Glenda, his first wife. Sarah has no child for Dave yet as of August 2018. She is, however, a grandmother in a way as Keilani, Batista’s first daughter has twin boys called Jacob and Aiden.

Sarah’s Figure Is Quite A Killer

Sarah Jade is blessed with a stunning figure which not surprisingly she has kept fit all these years. As common with her job, she does a lot of dancing in bikinis and skimpy outfits, leaving her shape to the full glare of entranced men and envious lady folks. The model-dancer seems to be a tattoo lover as well, she has some on the side of her belly and on her two arms. The tattoos are mostly comprised of roses and other beautiful and intriguing roses.

Her Social Media Presence

The Sagittarius lady isn’t left out in the social media frenzy, only that she is locked away in her private accounts. All but her Facebook page are locked and kept away from the eyes of the public. This is actually in good measure considering the many men (and women) who will no doubt want to have a thing or two to say to the hot pole dancer who jiggles her hips all too readily as a profession.


She Has A College Degree

Yeah, you heard that right; Sarah Jade not only attended college but did so in flying colors. She attended the University of South Florida and in 2011, bagged a degree in Sociology cum laude.

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