Who Is Tara Babcock? – The Personal Life Of The Model & YouTube Personality

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Tara Babcock has got great body curves that if we were to feed on her looks alone, she would be appealing to anyone who cast his or her gaze on her. She is a model and YouTube personality who has seen career successes in the different facets of her life.

In contemporary times, finding a lady as beautiful as she is and yet full of brains might be hard but where Tara is, she is the best of both with ample room to excel in other things she might decide to channel her strength to. Let’s find out below who Tara Babcock is, what really makes her special and the ongoings in her personal life.

Who Is Tara Babcock?

Her Sun sign is Scorpio as her birth occurred on the 10th of November 1989 in Seattle, Washington, the USA as the only child of Bob and Mary; her parents who though not legally married, stayed together to raise their little tot to the woman she has become today.

Tara Babcock, from an early age, was very much interested in video games which she had ample time playing. She was also interested in modeling for which reason she was enrolled into a modeling school when she was about 12 years old. The names of the exact schools she attended have not been revealed, however, it is known for certain that Tara, after high school, proceeded to college from where she graduated before launching her career.

Her modelling interest was what first brought her fame as she began getting gigs in many magazines and publications for advertising purposes, with this came television and website interviews which subsequently brought her to the knowledge of many people. As her modelling career blossomed, Tara didn’t resort to putting all her eggs in one basket as she leveraged on her success as a fashion influencer to publicize her social media channels which focused on gaming, relationship advice, fashion and beauty tips.

It didn’t take too long as her efforts in other areas of endeavour began to pay off as people with different interests started subscribing to her various channels to learn a couple of things from her or perhaps gaze upon her beauty or better still be thrilled by her sheer brilliance.

The Personal Life of The Model & YouTube Personality

From an early age, Tara Babcock’s life has always been one set before the public as she had an active childhood, being a cheerleader at a time and a model at another time in addition to many other things she had interest in. Little wonder as a grown up, people are also desirous of knowing what goes on in her personal life. Here is all that we have learned in her personal life;

Game Interests

Not many women have a knack for video games but Tara is an exception. She is not only an avid game player, but she has also gone ahead to carve out an income source by playing video games.

As it pertains to games, some of her favourites include Assassin’s Creed, God of War, Mortal Kombat, StarCraft and Metal Gear Solid. This lady is definitely one with a “heart of a gamer” as she has no time for playing less tasking games like……you know them.


Tara Babcock is not officially known to be in a relationship with any man at the moment. However, before now, she was reportedly in a relationship with Toby Turney in 2013 but the relationship or better put – their acquaintance with each other lasted only but for 3 months.

Nevertheless, on her Instagram account, she has severally posted photos of a certain dude with the handle @Jecko5 but beyond the assumption that something is going on between them, she has not stated so nor rebuffed the rumours.


Net Worth

Available estimates have put her net worth at a conservative $2 million. Tara Babcock was able to amass this from her career as a media personality and as she continues to grow, we will definitely see her enter a new net worth bracket.

Future Outlook

Tara has shown thus far that there is no limit to what she can succeed in doing, as such, her mind is still set on achieving a lot of things of which setting up a gym and fitness center is sure to be one of them.

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