Who Is Trevor Moran, How Old Is He, Is He Gay Or Straight, Here Are The Facts 

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Trevor Moran is an entertainer who has become popular for his music and YouTube Channel. It was on YouTube that he began as a child dancing for his followers before moving on to music and other things.

As a result of his fame, there are a lot of people who have come to want to know more about him including his bio and sexual orientation. Here are the facts of his life.

Who Is Trevor Moran, How Old Is He?

More than just the singer and YouTube star that Trevor is, he was born Trevor Michael Moran on September 30, 1998, in Poway, California.

It was there in California that he was raised alongside his brother, Blake by their parents, Tim Moran and Nicole Moran. While growing up, all he had ever wanted to be was a musician, performer, and in fact, an entertainer.

What made him famous before anything else was his YouTube channel which he began in 2008 and uploaded videos of himself dancing. At the time, he was just 10. Even as he kept building his fan base, what would push him even higher was his appearance on the Reality TV Show auditions of The X Factor when he was just 13 in 2012. His performance was one of the best during the auditions. Unfortunately, he got eliminated before going too far.

Having had the platform needed, he released his first single in 2013, Someone, and that was followed by The Dark Side in the same year. Recorded amazing successes, he released some more singles in 2014, and then his first EP, XIAT which found its way to the top of the US Heat. His next album, Alive came in 2016, and then some more singles including Get Me Through the Night and Sinner.

With his YouTube channel, Trevor Moran has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers and close to 90 million views thus far as at 2018. He uses the channel to share his music and comedy and many other things. It was here that he began sharing his Apple Store Dance.

As a result of his hard work and talent, Trevor Moran has been nominated for a number of awards including the Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star in 2015. He won the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Web Star in 2014.

Is He Gay Or Straight?

There have been many questions surrounding the sexuality of the YouTube star. Among his fans and followers, it is often asked if the entertainer is straight, gay or bisexual. To put it all to rest, Trevor Moran took to his channel in 2015 to point out to his fans that he is actually gay.

, although he had not opened up about his sexuality before then, he didn’t see himself as someone coming out of the closet. Trevor argued that if he has been in the closet, it should be one made of glass since almost everyone could tell that he was attracted to his gender.

Hence, he specified in the six minutes video that he released after releasing a video to one of his songs, I Wanna Fly that he just wanted to clarify his sexual preference and not to reveal it.


But then, we know that Trevor was at first claiming to be bisexual because he didn’t know how to tell his parents that he was gay. He told his parents he was bisexual when he was just 12. For now, what he says he wants in a guy are awesome personality and good smile among other things.

Even as he said he has experimented with dating women in the past, he has also been in relationships with guys including Ricky Dillon.

Other Facts About Trevor Moran  

1. He was rumored to be dating , but as it turns out the two are only friends. The rumor was triggered because Shane came out as Bisexual.

2. Trevor is a member of the YouTube channel, Our2ndLife. The Channel began in 2009 and it has members like Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon, Connor Franta, Justin ‘JC’ Caylen, and . The channel which is also known as O2L has over 3 million subscribers and it has amassed more than half a billion views thus far.

3. Even though there are some sources that put the net worth of the singer at close to $200,000, his actual worth is still not known.

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