Who Was Ashley Lovelace And What Happened To Her?

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There are many victims of cyberbullying across the world and while there are initiatives aimed at combating the menace, it continues to push people into depression, anxiety, and even death. This is the case for Ashley Lovelace, a cheerful young lady who was propelled to end her woes in a shocking way. It’s been a while since Ashley passed but her fans, friends, and family are yet to come to terms with what happened to her. Beyond the circumstances surrounding Ashley’s death, check out other things that are worth knowing about her below.

Ashley Lovelace’s Family and Background Details

Ashley Lovelace was born on the 7th day of November 2002, in the United States of America, precisely in Abington, Pennsylvania. She was named Ashley Monet Lovelace and the names of her parents are Terrance Lovelace and Stacey Pak.

The young lady’s dad is an African American while her mom is Korean, as she revealed in one of her YouTube videos. Despite her Korean and Hawaiian heritage, Lovelace only spoke English fluently.

The internet sensation was raised alongside her siblings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until the age of five when she moved to Las Vegas with her family. The names of her siblings are Yunte, Keyan, and Maya while Amir and Talisha are the names of her two step-siblings.

What Made Her Famous?

The late social media star grew up as a lovely child who could attract people and lit anywhere she went to, thanks to her good looks, humor, and free spirit. Ashley, who was known for her boundless enthusiasm, rose to fame as a social media personality. The lovely lady created her Instagram account (Misslovelacee) sometime in June 2018. There, she posted pictures and videos of herself either singing or dancing. Not long after, her charm and grace attracted a lot of followers, helping her amass thousands of followers.

Ashley Lovelace was sought-after by many YouTubers as a result of the kind of content she uploads and her personality. In one of the days leading to her death, she announced in one of the videos she uploaded that she was making a video for her YouTube channel. She eventually did but didn’t go very far as a YouTuber before she tragically ended her life.

How Ashley Lovelace Lost Her Life

Lovelace died at a very young age, she committed suicide early in 2019 following a case of bullying and a number of other personal battles she faced. Her death occurred on January 21, 2019, at the age of 16 following a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There are reports that Ashley Lovelace had been depressed for some time before her death. She was said to have had some cut on her wrist which she inflicted on herself. Unfortunately, on the above-stated date, the young social media personality shot herself in the mouth, leading to her death.

Before the tragic event, the Instagram sensation was going through a lot of things. One of such is related to an alleged video of her sleeping with her boyfriend. The clip reportedly circulated around her school, and that made a lot of students including some of her close friends to mock her. With that said, there is no confirmation of this claim.

What is known to be true, however, is that for some time before her death, she became a victim of online bullying. She suffered extreme bullying from a young man known as Tyler Edmonds (BarbiiDaBully), a Chicago resident into adult amateur films. Tyler is also said to identify himself as a transgender.

Someone who proudly describes himself as a bully, Tyler targeted Ashley whom he bullied on social media until her death, after which he came out claiming he doesn’t feel sorry that she died because he bullied her. He also added in a video that bullying is what he is good at. There are other young people that have also claimed to have been bullied by Tyler including a YouTuber, Leah.

What Happened After Her Death?

Ashley’s painful and sudden death was announced on her Instagram account by her mother who said no one was blamed for the death including her friends and boyfriend. Following the death of Ashley Lovelace, a GoFundMe account was created by her biological mother, seeking to raise $50,000 with the aim of starting an Ashley Lovelace Foundation.

The proposed foundation had the goal of creating awareness on cyberbullying, preventing suicide, as well as helping people battling depression. The account was able to pull some money after it was created. Even after her death, Ashley has continued to gain followers on her Instagram account.

Fun Facts About Ashley Lovelace

1. Apart from dancing and singing, Ashley liked drawing in her spare time.

2. She was not active on Facebook and Twitter at the time of her death.

3. At 16, Ashley Lovelace was very stunning and amazing. She stood at an impressive height of 5 feet 2 inches and had dark brown hair and a set of dazzling eyes.

4. Her funeral took place at Palm Southwest Mortuary.

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