Who Was Young King Dave and What Was His Cause of Death

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Young King Dave was an American internet celebrity who became famous after some of the videos he posted on his social media page went viral. His wry sense of humor and laid-back stoner attitude made him an instant sensation. He is solely responsible for the word “doinks”. Young King Dave is an accidental comedian who made people laugh just by being himself and staying true to his identity. He was known and loved for his random musings about nature.

His journey to fame began in 2016 when he posted a video inviting his followers to come and join him smoke marijuana. Young King Dave had an easygoing, down to earth demeanor and this further endeared him to people. He always implored his followers to go out, soak in the weather and take what simple pleasures they could out of life. Asides his online presence, Young King Dave was also an aspiring musician in the rap genre who hoped to one day, make it big in the music world.

Young King Dave’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

The young stoner was born David James Nixon on September 12, 1998, in New Jersey. There is no information about his parents or siblings, what kind of childhood he had, or even where he completed his basic education. However, he mentioned in a documentary that he had an elder brother and didn’t have the easiest time growing up. He had been involved in several altercations that ended in fights and once led to him getting stabbed. Despite all of these, he still maintained a positive and cheery attitude towards life.

Young King Dave came to the spotlight in late 2016 after he shared a clip on his Instagram page, asking his followers to come and hang out with him and telling them that he had loud for them to smoke if they came through. The video quickly went viral. It resulted in thousands of memes and parodies. The video which was originally posted on his page has been viewed more than 93,000 times. All over the internet, people were adopting his slang “doinks” to refer to smoking weed.

He continued to give the people what they loved. He shared videos of himself smoking doinks outdoors in various locations, including Amish country. In a few months, he amassed over 260,000 followers on his Instagram account. Young King Dave dreamed of being an artist and making people laugh, so, after he achieved the latter he set out to make the former come through. He began pushing his songs on Soundcloud and YouTube. He even released a video for his single Taking Dabs, which garnered more than 35,000 views. His other released songs include Play Me, Good Work, Revamp, Mask Off, and CP3.

Cause Of Death

Young King David passed away on May 17, 2018, after being hospitalized for weeks. His childhood friend-turned-manager told sources that the internet sensation had been admitted at the hospital after suffering a collapsed lung and he was on his way to recovery when he developed complications that eventually claimed his life.

Some of YKD’s other friends were of the opinion that he would still be alive if he had sought out medical services earlier. They noted that he had contracted an infection months before which he stubbornly left untreated and it led to his lung collapsing. Regardless, the death of Young King Dave really shook his family and friends, as well as the people on the internet whom he touched with his videos.

His family set up a GoFundMe page for donations to cover his funeral costs. The leftover proceeds were then donated to his favourite charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Facts You Need To Know

1. The Urban Dictionary now recognizes the word “doinks” which he popularised through his videos.

2. Young King Dave was able to make some money off his internet fame by selling shirts and other merch that had his catchphrases on them.

3. After he went viral, Mass Appeal made a documentary about him through which he revealed that he began smoking marijuana when he was 12 years old. A friend offered him and his brother a blunt and he took a liking for it.

4. Smoking weed was one of his greatest pleasures and passions. He constantly consumed large amounts of the substance, so much that he had difficulty breathing sometimes.

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