Why Was xQc Banned Or Suspended? His Girlfriend & Net worth

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Playing games is fast becoming a passion that is likely to end up as an addiction for the younger generation. A lot of young talents are involved when it comes to playing video games on Twitch and other similar platforms. Professional Canadian Overwatch player Felix Lengyel, popularly called xQc, is a notable Twitch TV streamer who has amassed over a million following on the live streaming network. xQc was with Overwatch League in the main tank position for the Dallas Fuel team before he was butted out as a result of several unabated controversies. He was also active in the Overwatch World Cup in 2017 and 2018, playing as the main tank for the Canadian team.

His career commenced with the Overwatch team Q? which caught the interest of Denial eSports who later picked them up. Following the team’s separation, xQc and his fellow team members continued playing under another the pseudonym “YIKES” which they later revamped to Arc 6. The team qualified for the Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders but did not exceed the group stage where they faced their ultimate elimination. They eventually dispersed in order to try out for the Overwatch League season 1.


There isn’t much information on the birth details and family background of the Canadian gamer but we have it from a trusted authority that he was born as Felix Lengyel in Laval, Quebec, Canada on the 12th of November 1995. He is of Canadian nationality with white ethnicity, the acronym xQc which he uses as his handle comes from the last letter of Felix and the abbreviation of Quebec – his home province. His educational background and qualifications have never been made public by any source.

His Family and Girlfriend

Currently, there is no cogent information on the identity of his girlfriend but sources have claimed that her voice was always heard on several of his videos. The photo of a girl he uploaded in 2019 might turn out to be his lady love but it is still unconfirmed. We look forward to that particular puzzle being solved in the nearest future.

What Is His Net Worth?

xQc has amassed a clean sum of $1.1 million as his estimated net worth, his wealth which is believed to have come majorly from his career as a gamer is expected to show some enhancement at the next review.


Why Was xQc Banned or Suspended?

The streamer has faced several suspensions in the course of his career. Prior to his time with Dallas Fuel, he was in the middle of major cases of controversies before main incidents in the Overwatch League which led to his account being suspended a couple of times for defying Blizzard’s Terms of Use. The initial incident happened in November 2017 when he received a suspension message mid-match in a competitive Overwatch game. The reason for his 72 hours suspension was tagged “misuse of the reporting system”. He abused the in-game reporting arrangement by leveraging on it to report fellow players unnecessarily and especially for reasons that were considered invalid. For instance, he reported one of the players for declining to turn off a hero, even after repeatedly dying.

The second incident came the next month in December 2017 when Blizzard issued a 7-day suspension to xQc when he threw a competitive game. The steamer had to render a public apology through a video.

His time with Dallas Fuel was still fraught with a lot of controversies which made him face suspension twice. The first one happened when his team was defeated by the Houston Outlaws in the first stage. He threw some homophobic comments at Austin “Muma” Wilmot of the Outlaws who is a confirmed gay. xQc’s comments were as a result of Wilmot’s use of his (xQc’s) own catchphrase against him at the end of the match in which xQc was not featured. He had to pay a fine of $2,000 as decreed by The Overwatch League, facing suspension from four succeeding matches and later lengthened to the end of stage one.

He only came back at the second phase, facing suspension and another fine, for making use of the Twitch emoticon TriHard in an “ethnically reproachful way” in Twitch chat as Malik Forté – African-American presenter made an appearance on stream, voicing disapproving words – targeted at Overwatch League casters, as well as other players on the social media platforms. He also did same on his private stream. For his offence, xQc got suspended from four matches with a fine of $4,000 to settle. An announcement came from the Dallas Fuel on the 11th of March 2018 that xQc was no longer part of their team.

On his own part, the Overwatch player disclosed in an interview that he loves to create content on Twitch even though he enjoys playing as a professional. He went further to say that if he happens to be called up to play with another professional team, he will really need to peruse it for a while.

Even at the Overwatch World Cup tournament of 2018, xQc’s account got suspended for the umpteenth time on the 11th of August 2018 for defying the Abusive Chat policy. In this case, it was his fellow teammates who reported him severally. An official caution was issued for the suspension; nevertheless, he was permitted to play.

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