Will Ferrell’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

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When it comes to the leading men in American comedy, the list would be incomplete if Will Ferrell’s name was not on it. He first became known in the mid 90’s when he was a cast member of  NBC’s sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live and that platform launched him out to become the actor/ comedian we all know and love.

Will Ferrell’s height in the movie industry is quite commendable and the actor has quite a number of feathers in his cap. He received an Emmy Award nomination for his work on Saturday Night Live and two Golden Globe Award nominations for the movies The Producers and Stranger Than Fiction.

In addition to that, he was named the best comedian of 2015 in the British GQ Men of the Year awards and that same year he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That is one impressive portfolio, but today it’s all about his statistics, so let’s get started on that beginning with Will Ferrell’s height.

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Will Ferrell’s Height

We have no doubt in our hearts when we say that Will Ferrell is definitely on the tall side. He’s one of those celebrities that people actually believe stands as tall as his 6 feet 3 inches. Yes people, that’s how tall the actor/comedian is.

On the topic of his height, Will said this on Sports Illustrated, ‘I was a center as a freshman and I grew to 6-3 so I ended up as a forward.’

A fan actually said this in relation to Will Ferrell’s height, ‘ I think he might be one of those guys that gives a taller impression then he really is. I believe he is one of those guys that will be caught shorter and people will be surprised.’

On the other hand, he has some believers, here is what another fan had to say, ‘ No, Will Ferrell is a legitimate 6 feet 3, I’ve seen his pics john terry, and Will Ferrell is slouching, I saw another picture with him and Terry and Ferrell had about 3-4 cm on him.’

He added, ‘ You cannot judge his pic when he’s slouching and Terry is standing straight as an arrow. Besides that, it’s seemingly obvious as he is one to exaggerate his height, he doesn’t wear heels as he usually wears ankle shoes, and has an extremely bad posture, therefore making him look shorter, I myself am 6 feet 1 and I’d bet money he’s 6 feet 3, he is a big guy.’


O well, the only person who knows Will Ferrell’s height is Will Ferrell (and maybe the guy measuring him), but here is a list of celebrities who share Will Ferrell’s height. Prince William Duke of Cambridge, Muhammad Ali and Chris Hemsworth all stand as tall as Will Ferrell, so we reckon he is in pretty good company all the way up there.

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Will Ferrell’s Weight

So how much do you think he weighs? Just throw out the first figure that comes to mind… nothing? OK, that’s what we are here for anyway, the actor currently weighs 98 kg which is 218 pounds. He may not be the fittest pea in the pod, in plain words he is not, despite this Will is not very perturbed and if he is, he has a weird was of showing it.

The actor has a signature move that shows up in practically all his movies. You may already know this, but he goes shirtless in almost every movie he stars in, the move even dates back as far as his Saturday Night Live days, but the first time we saw his chest on the big screen was in 1998 in the movie, A Night at the Roxbury.

Since then his chest has just been showing up ‘unexpectedly’ in majority of his movies. Despite his obvious confidence when it comes to his body and weight, here is what Will Ferrell said in a recent interview he had with Jerry Seinfeld on his online show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

‘My dream would be 200 [pounds],’ said Will after admitting he’s about 218 pounds, ‘I have to work out just to look fat. That’s the problem. If I took my shirt of you’d go, ‘Oh, that’s not so good.’ So why do you take your shirt off so much Will, why? Well, that’s a good note to end this on.

Will Ferrell’s Body Measurements

In addition to Will Ferrell’s height and weight, we have some of his other statistics here for you, his chest size is 41 inches and his biceps measure 14 inches.

Also, on his feet, the star wears a US size 10, a European size 43 and a UK size 9.5.

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