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Every now and then the world of music opens to reveal an enormous talent whose music seems to make the world a better place if only for a brief moment. Will Toledo is a classic example of this kind of genius. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind the famous indie band, Car Seat Headrest is beloved by fans of all ages who listen to his songs for the honesty and vulnerability that he spills over every record.

His melodies have received critical praise because of the way they sound like timeless classics but with a modern twist that’s catchier and raw in all the right places. By the time he was 23, Toledo already had 11 albums to his name, which is no small feat considering that most of his projects have been genre-bending excellent bodies of work, wound tightly around daunting lyrics and a strong sense of place that crisscrosses through several generations.

Will Toledo – Biography

Toledo’s musical journey is an inspiration to many as well as a testament to how far hard work and passion can take you. Although his work has graduated from the lo-fi approach he began with, Toledo still maintains a cult following and his work has continued to break grounds and test the limits of what it means to be alive, young, and anxious to leave your mark on the world. His music opens the door to self-discovery and guides everyone who listens to pass through.

The gifted indie rock musician was born in 1992 in Leesburg, Virginia, in the United States. His exact month and date of birth are not known as Toledo prefers to keep some details about his personal life to himself especially as it has very little bearing on his work. He began experimenting with music from a very young age but he was very anxious about exposing himself so he initially recorded music anonymously using the name Nervous Young Man while he was still in high school. When this approach failed to yield the results he was hoping, Will Toledo decided to go another route, changing his name to Car Seat Headrest because he usually had to record in his car as he was too shy to do so at home.

Will began uploading his songs on Bandcamp and was delightfully surprised when people began responding favorably to his music, asking questions about his process, buying his albums, and wanting to know when he would be having shows. He released his first four albums in 2010 titled 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each of the projects was brimming with audacious sounds and enthralling lyrics, which quickly won him the love of many listeners. During this time, he enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he released The Sunburned Shirts EP, 5, as well as the albums – My Back Is Killing Me Baby and Little Pieces of Paper with “No” Written on Them.

His first semester at the school left him feeling very alienated and he had trouble making connections with the other students so Will Toledo decided to transfer to College of William & Mary. At his new school, he continued writing and recording new songs which later became the album Twin Fantasy, followed by the EPs Monomania and Striving While Living. He then acquiesced to the demands of his fans by holding live performances. In 2013,  Toledo released a new album titled Nervous Young Man, inspired by his very first music project. This was followed by the EP How to Leave Town in 2014, which became his last release as a solo artist.

In late 2015, after graduating from College and moving to Seattle, Toledo was picked up by the record label Matador Records, so he decided to recruit other performers to join him in making Car Seat Headrest a full-fledged band. He released his first album under a record label and as part of a group in October 2015 called Teens of Style. This was followed up by Teens of Denial which launched the band further into the spotlight, earning global recognition and praise. Car Seat Headrest re-recorded and re-released the album Twin Fantasy in 2018. Their most recent project is Commit Yourself Completely, a live album released on June 12, 2019.

Family of The Musician

The singer’s parents are middle-class Christians who ensured that he had as good an upbringing as they could afford. His dad was an avid music lover who worked in the local government for the heftier portion of his career. Will Toledo’s mother was an educationist who worked as a teacher’s aide in a classroom for autistic kids until she retired. He is yet to reveal the names of his parents and it is not known if he has any siblings, at least to the public.

Celebrity Facts About Will Toledo

1. Will Toledo’s music is inspired by the works of artists like R.E.M., The Beach Boys, The Beatles, , Pink Floyd, Sufjan Stevens, Leonard Cohen, and Neutral Milk Hotel.

2. The indie musician is a huge introvert and doesn’t really go out a lot.

3. He likes to refine and work on his songs even after they have already been released.

4. If he wasn’t making music, he would likely be working in film and television.

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