Wisteriamoon – 5 Facts About The American YouTuber

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Not everyone can stand the pressure in Hollywood or even measure up with the challenges that come with being a celebrity entertainer. Unlike what was obtainable many decades ago, young people of this age and time are beginning to take control of their future in almost every facet of life, with online business topping the list. They go by the names: YouTubers, gamers, vloggers, bloggers, and whatnots. Most of them, irrespective of their young age, are millionaires who became mainstream celebrities by turning what others do for fun into a business. We already know and patronize some of them, however, in this article, we’ll share with you five detailed facts about American YouTuber, Wisteriamoon. Keep reading!

Get To Know The American YouTuber – Wisteriamoon With These 5 Facts

1. Background Information

Wisteriamoon was born with the birth sign Cancer on 1st July 1998, in the United States. The name her American parents gave to her after her birth is Mia. As regards information about her family background, no details have been made available for public consumption. However, it appears she came from a supportive family which reportedly helps her in managing her online merchandise.

2. YouTube Career

Wisteriamoon isn’t the type of YouTuber with no direction on the video-sharing platform. She gave vlogging a thought after she discovered Animal Jam. From there, she began creating and uploading Animal Jam videos which eventually brought her to the limelight at the right time. She launched her YouTube channel in the year 2013 and later dropped her first video titled: ‘Animal Jam Music Video: Demons (Imagine Dragons)’ in the same year, to the amazement of her fans who asked her to keep them up to speed with more Animal Jam contents.

Impressed and inspired with the feedback she received, Wisteriamoon started uploading more contents, including ‘Animal Jam Music Video: Knee Socks (AM)’ and ‘Tunnel Town Intro & Tutorial!’. In the end, the two uploads earned her huge viewership which motivated her to produce and publish a short film on 20th November 2013. She captioned the project: ‘Brave – Animal Jam Short Film’.

Owing to her kid-friendly contents, the Animal Jam gamer began to win the hearts of kids and parents from which she raked in thousands of views for uploading interesting and captivating videos such as ‘Animal Jam App: Play Wild Beta! (Exclusive Look)’, and ‘Animal Jam: Horse Coins Gone Forever’.

Wisteriamoon launched her second channel captioned WisteriaLife in 2018. Explaining why she created an additional channel in an upload titled ‘Not Quitting, But…’, the American YouTuber stated that she was fed up with creating similar contents for many years and felt it is time to try something new. Her second channel covers her day to day life as well as lifestyle vlogs, her first video on the channel was uploaded on 9th June 2018.

Apart from YouTube, Wisteriamoon boasts an overwhelming fan base on Instagram, where she promotes her growing business, Animal Jam art, and also enjoys a cordial relationship with her fans. Currently, she has a massive following of more than 91.9 thousand subscribers.

3. Net Worth

There is no doubt Wisteriamoon enjoys popularity across several social media platforms. In fact, she has risen to a height where she collaborates with co-YouTubers. She is known to have banded together with internet sensations such as fellow Animal Jam sensations – Snowyclaw, , XXklockwolf09XX33, Wootmoo, GummyUnicorn, and Julian. However, the value of her assets is yet to be ascertained by credible sources.

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4. Relationship Status

Wisteriamoon may have made her way into mainstream success at a young age, she still considers herself very young to start a family. So, she is not married yet and her relationship status is not a matter of public knowledge. As someone who cherishes her privacy, she has successfully kept information about her personal life under wraps which has apparently saved her from unwanted attention from the public and media.

Nevertheless, sometime in the year 2015, she was speculated to be dating fellow Animal Jam player Julian but the pair did not confirm or refute the claim.

5. Body Measurements

Going by her pictures which are littered online, its quite obvious that Wisteriamoon has an amazing physique which keeps drawing the male folks to her. Although specific details about her body measurements are unavailable right now, we can all agree that she is fit and beautiful.

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