Yainee Alonso – Biography, Facts About Manny Machado’s Wife

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Yainee Alonso, not a usual name we get to hear of on a daily like other popular celebrities we post about. She isn’t famous for whatever it is she does for a profession, but she attained fame first for being the sister of Yonder Alonso, the Cuban professional baseball player who plies his trade with the Chicago White Sox. Her fame then increased the more when she got married to San Diego Padres third baseman, . Is Yainee Alonso any different from the other people who achieve fame from dating, marrying or being a family member of famous public figures? The answer to that question lies in this article. Learn more about who Manny Machado’s wife is.

Yainee Alonso – Biography

Yainee Alonso is of dual nationalist, she holds both Cuban and American Citizenship. She was born in Havana, Cuba, on November 24, 1990. Life in the South American country was very challenging, so her family made the decision to join other Cubans to immigrate to the United States. She left her home country along with her father, mother and her brother and headed for “the land of the free” in 1996. In the process of escaping Cuba and entering the United States, they made sure to avoid detection from authorities, as being caught would have had them arrested for defection. They entered the United States through a small plane and settled in Miami.

Alonso was five years when her family settled in the United States. It was in Miami that she lived the most memorable years of her childhood, attended middle school, high school and college. Alonso studied psychology at the University of Miami and earned her bachelor of science degree from the university in 2012. Back in her college days, Alonso used to be a member of the Miami Hurricanes cheerleading squad.

 Facts About Manny Machado’s Wife

Her Brother is an MLB Star

Yainee Alonso and Major League Baseball star Yonder Alonso are siblings. The Chicago White Sox first baseman is the older brother of our focus personality. Yonder is three years older than Yainee, he was born on April 8, 1987, in Havana, Cuba, same place Yainee was born. Yonder also studied at the University of Miami like his sister did as well. While at the university, he played college baseball for the University of Miami baseball team, the Hurricanes. His time at the Hurricanes was successful and appreciated, which earned him an induction into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame in April 2018, at the university’s 50th annual induction.

Marriage and How She Met Her Husband

Yainee Alonso and her husband, Manny Machado met through Yainee’s brother Yonder. Both Yonder Alonso and Manny Machado are close friends and they play in the MLB. Machado often went over to Alonso’s residence where he met Yainee. When the three went on vacation to Spain in 2011, Machado asked Yonder if he could date his sister and Yonder agreed. Machado and Yainee soon started dating. On February 13, 2013, Machado proposed to Alonso, and she agreed to marry the baseball star. A year later, in November 2014, the couple got married.

Her Husband

Yainee Alonso’s husband, Manny Machado is a Dominican-American baseball player. The three-time Gold Glove Award winner plays as a shortstop and third baseman for San Diego Padres. Born on July 6, 1992, Machado made his MLB debut for the Baltimore Orioles on August 9, 2013. He went on to play for Los Angeles Dodgers in 2018 after he left the Baltimore Orioles in the same year. He started playing for his current side San Diego Padres earlier this year. He has been listed amongst the All-Star team four times, in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Her Father Played Baseball and Her Mother is a Fan

Yainee Alonso’s parents are Luis Alonso and Damarys Alonso. Her father was a player turned coach for the Cuban National Series side, Industriales. It shows that the love for the game runs in the family’s blood. Her mother is a fan of baseball but never played. She is an accountant.

She Keeps a Low profile

One of the reasons why a lot is not known about the beautiful blonde married to Manny Machado is because he isn’t very popular and so many things about her marital life is not known. But despite keeping a very low profile, she still attracts the attention of the media because she is linked to two personalities who matter in the Major League Baseball – Yonder Alonso and Manny Machado.

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