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Yasmin Vossoughian is a famed reporter and journalist whose job is not only tasking but dangerous at times. As a reporter in search of newsworthy topics, she has had to go into the middle of a war and all kinds of violence just to get news. On the other hand, her profession can be quite interesting and enjoyable if she is dealing with travel, culture, and similar lighthearted reporting. Currently, her talents and skills have been employed by MSNBC (an American pay television network). For more about her career journey and personal life, do read on.

Yasmin Vossoughian Bio (Age)

Yasmin Vossoughian was born on the 3rd day of October 1978, in New York City, Unites States of America. As a result of her birth month, Yasmin falls into the Libra zodiac sign category, with personality traits believed to revolve around temperaments such as; dependability, stability, and spirituality. Though born in America which automatically gives her the right and privileges accrued an American citizen, she has an Iranian ethnic heritage as her parents were born in Iran. Interestingly, she happens to be the last child of her father, Dr. Ahad Vossoughian and mother, Shamsi Vossoughian.

For her education, it is recorded that Yasmin Vossoughian was a student of Cornwall Central High School, located in Orange County, New York. She later became the youngest intern to work with an ex-Congressman (Benjamin Gilman) at Capitol Hill when she was just 16 years of age.

Years after completing high school, she became a graduate of Northfield Mount Herman School located in Northfield, Massachusetts. She graduated in the year 1996 with a degree in History and Economics. She soon moved on to enroll into the Occidental College in Los Angeles, California where she took a minor course in theatre and completed it in 2000. In addition, on her return to New York City, she took a course in broadcast journalism at The New School.

Career Journey 

Having completed an array of extensive formal studies, Yasmin Vossoughian kicked off a career with the popular E! Entertainment Television. While she was there, she worked as a production assistant. She then went on to become a producer for Style Network. Yasmin later worked at DTV, a German-related internet TV network where she got the chance to report major stories and events such as the terrorist attacks and the New York City Mayoral Race.

Yasmin has also worked with Current TV as a correspondent. This job led her to make a documentary concerning culture and youth life in Tehran. In 2006, the incredible work she did in Tehran got her awarded with the Cine Golden Eagle Award. In May 2014, she pitched tent with HLN where she worked for three years before joining the MSNBC network in 2017.

In the course of her journalism career, Yasmin Vossoughian has had the opportunity of interviewing top Hollywood celebrities including Robin Williams,, Sasan Sarandon, among other celebrities. In the same vein, she has also been able to interview great world leaders including Madeleine Albright in Qatar, Newt Gingrich in Washington DC among others.

Her Family – Husband and Kids

Yasmin Vossoughian can be said to be a very lucky woman who seems to have a perfect life. Asides from a successful career in Journalism, she is a happily married woman. She accepted the marriage proposal and later walked down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend named Whittaker Lindsay Clifford in June 2016. Her husband Whittaker happens to manage Clifford Associates Inc., a family-owned business.

As to whether she is a mother yet, you would be right to assume so because it is a fact. Interestingly, she was visibly pregnant with her first child during her wedding day. The couple welcomed their first child and son on the 15th of October 2016 and he was christened Azur Vossoughian Clifford. Two years later, on the 8th of August to be precise, the couple welcomed their second child, another son named Noor Ahad Clifford.

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Yasmin Vossoughian’s Net Worth

Yasmin Vossoughian is practically a veteran in her chosen career path with loads of experience and expertise in her arsenal. In addition to this, she is financially successfully too. Though she has managed to be quite secretive about her wealth, it is speculated that she is personally worth over $10 million whereas other sources have estimated the total value of her riches at $3 million. If anything, this goes to show that the extent of her wealth is best known to her.

Height and Body Measurements

For reporters who are usually in front of the camera, those who are aesthetically pleasing and have a great body structure have an edge over their counterparts. Yasmin Vossoughian has this department on the lockdown. She is not only a beautiful lady who has black eyeballs and dark hair, but she has got a wonderful skin tone and body build to go with it.

Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches paired with a healthy weight of 121 lb (55 kg), one can’t help but believe that her looks played a good part in the upward trajectory her career has enjoyed over the years.

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