Young Tom Cruise – How The Mission Impossible Actor Has Aged Gracefully

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Tom Cruise or Thomas Cruise Mapother if you want to be formal, is one of the most celebrated American actors and filmmakers currently alive. He is credited for releasing a slew of hit movies all of which have sold millions of copies. With that fame on the screen, the Top Gun star has made millions of dollars and is currently one of the riches celebrities of all time.

According to his fans and even haters, the man has earned reputation as the ladies’ man. In fact, some people have even claimed that he is the sexiest man alive. One other thing that has literally defied belief and left many people wondering and even admiring the film star is his ability to defy aging. It is actually inconceivable that this man has changed very little since he entered the acting career. The question is how does this scientology devotee do it?

The Young Tom Cruise

Obtaining pictures of the star before he shot to fame is tricky but available data indicates that the man looked a little different from the one you saw just after entering the film industry. He had the complexion he still has right now but there were problems with his dental formula especially the smile but to a lesser extent the bite.

Cruise had misshapen front incisors that were discolored (yellow). Tom realized this was going to interfere with his ability to make it in the crowded television and film industry. He therefore had to go through a number of cosmetic dental procedures to correct the dental issues. You will agree with me that the Mission Impossible Star has one of the best smiles anyone can ever hope for.

His body shape and size in the 80s and 90s was great. He was lean with appropriate weight when he started acting. Whether or not he was ripped as we later saw him when he was comfortable taking pictures and appearing on stage shirtless. Nevertheless we assume he was not but definitely working on it. As for his hair, we know that it was dark hair. He is not known to dye his hair like most other celebrities but we cannot be certain he dyed it before he debuted in his first professional film.

The Current Tom Cruise

Generally, people change with age. There are several changes that define aging. You expect signs like wrinkling in the face, adding more weight, developing belly fat, receding hairline as well as a host of many other physical changes. Physiologically, older persons are supposed to tire more easily because of slowed basal metabolic rate. At Tom Cruise’s age of 53 years, one would expect to see at least some of these changes in the film star.

It suffices here to say that the multi-millionaire actor has not changed a lot over the years. He looks pretty the same as he looked back in 1980s. This may sound impossible because no one in history has managed to halt or even reverse aging once it sets in. It is inconceivable that the 53-year-old could actually hit up to three red carpets in 24 hours without passing out due to exhaustion or looking hot in the boot. This kind of energy is only possible with younger celebrities.

How Does Cruise Achieve It?

This is the million-dollar question. How on earth does the actor manage to remain ageless? Well, the actor has enough money to seek any cosmetic procedure of his liking including anti-aging surgeries. The only procedures we are sure he has had include those to do with his dental work. It is believed he went through jaw reconstruction and teeth straightening surgeries. It is possible he underwent many others but whoever has gone through plastic surgery usually show telltale signs.

You will remember that Cruise is one of the most vocal advocates and campaigners for the Church of Scientology. The teachings of the religion believe among other things that humans are immortal aliens that are trapped in the world where they should not belong and that finding your true self is the key to unlocking limitless potential including things like slowness of aging. Perhaps it is his belief system that is responsible for his forever younger looks. Well, this notion is farfetched if not ridiculous.

The more believable explanation is that Mr. Cruise is doing a lot the enable him look younger. He must be very careful about his lifestyle. It is no doubt that he follows a strict but healthy diet and exercises a lot. He has not revealed the secret he is using. We can only hope that one day the movie star will tell the world his trick and secret to remaining forever young.

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