Zahra Elise Biography, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know 

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In recent years, many coke-bottle bodied women have become uber popular for tirelessly flaunting their assets on social media and Zahra Elise is among that lot. For Zahra, her most prized asset is obviously her derriere.

Simply put, Zahra Elise is an Instagram star, but she doesn’t like to be thought of in that way, she sees social media just as a platform to help showcase what she can do. She told , that the worst part of being on Instagram is the plague of disgusting DMs.

And with over 770,000 followers and counting, Zahra obviously gets a lot of those thirsty DMs. Zahra describes herself as a fashion freak, socialite and glamour model. Here is what we dug up on her life.

Zahra Elise Biography (Age and other Background Info)

Zahra Elise was born on the 30th of December in the year 1993. Elise was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, however, she was raised in Temecula, California.

The thing with people like Zahra is that they rarely share information about their family, however, this only builds curiosity among her fans who’d treasure any opportunity to know more about their favorite bootilicious star.

So we were able to discover that Elise was born into a large family. She has 5 siblings all of whom she is older than. Yeah, she is the firstborn of the family. However, Zahra didn’t grow up in a typical family setting, she revealed during her interview on the show that she comes from a “messed up family.”

On that same show, Zahra said she even had to undergo a genetic testing to know her ethnicity, after which she discovered that she is of a mixed race including the Choctaw native American tribe, Northern America, North Africa, Japanese, and traits of Middle Eastern.

A first look at any of her photos would have one thinking that Zahra has always been modeling, but that’s far from the truth. As a matter of fact, Zahra Elise was a tomboy, many even think of her as a transgender, that is because she still does have the tomboy traits in her, but just to clear things up, Zahra Elise isn’t trans.

From her early years as a young girl down to her time in middle school, Zahra was more comfortable in boyish clothing, but many things change with age and after middle school, Zahra became interested in looking more girly.

Before Zahra started modeling, she used to fix planes and was also in the military for a whopping four and a half years. During her time in the military, the navy to be precise, Zahra earned a salary of $41,000, however, she lost passion in her uniform job and decided to go into modeling, something that many of her friends had always told her she’d be good at, so she decided to give it a shot.

Zahra started modeling in 2016 and after she began posting photos of her curvy physique on the gram, it wasn’t long before she became popular. Most of her early jobs required that she flaunts her derriere which Zahra has revealed that she had to do because she considers it one of her most admirable features. She did her first photo shoot in early 2017. Her clientele has grown to include The Ultimate Tattoo Brand Inkjunkeyz.


In addition to modeling, Zahra Elise is also interested in acting. She began taking acting lessons in early 2017 and by the end of the year, she scored a part on ‘s sketch comedy and improv show, Wild ‘n Out.

Her Height and Other Facts

1. Zahra Elise stands at 5 feet 6.5 inches tall, that is about 170 in meters.

2. The “DOPE SELLS ITSELF” included in her Instagram bio isn’t just for fun. Elise has her own self-named marijuana brand. She also has a lingerie line.

3. Zahra has interests in humanitarian work and hopes to one day start a non-profit organization to help people.

4. She sparked rumors of a relationship with Olympic legend in April 2018 when of herself grinding on him. She captioned the video “I miss you too.” However, Elise later cleared up the rumors that she and Bolt are just friends.

5.  in 2017 that Zahra was arrested during a night photo shoot for indecent exposure. She posted the video of the arrest on her social media.

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