Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend And The Other Women In His Life

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No, we aren’t referring to a hidden harem somewhere. Though the artist is currently involved in a relationship with ONE woman, the other women in his life are equally important. Today, we are not only going to be checking out Zayn Malik’s girlfriend but also his sister and his ‘wife’.

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Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend

If you do not know who Zayn Malik’s girlfriend is, please put your hands up. It’s practically nearly impossible not to know about them, as these two are on the verge of breaking the internet with their love. So who is this honey that has got our star smitten?

She is none other than the world renowned model, Gigi Hadid. One does not have to be part and parcel of the fashion industry to have heard of her as she is quite popular in her own wake. She has strutted down may catwalks, donned numerous magazine pages and generally just been on TV a lot.

The couple was first linked in November 2015, after they were spotted together leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, but there was no confirmation until December that same year when Zayn shared a captionless picture of Gigi and him, looking all loved up, on Instagram.

Gigi gave her own confirmation the next month by sharing a spicy photo of a shirtless Zayn holding her kitten, Cleo, on Instagram. By March 2016, they were already taking vacations together and by the next month the good looking couple was featured in a romantic spread for Vogue.

At some point Gigi even featured in one of Zayn’s music videos. For those of you who have seen ‘Pillowtalk’, it is so evident that their chemistry off the chart. It was also so evident that the couple was moving forward to greater things, right until it wasn’t.

After seven months of dating, it was reported that they had called it quits in June 2016 after going through a fatal rough patch. According to E!News, a source revealed, ‘They can likely get back together tomorrow. It’s all very unclear what’s going on between them now. They been having some issues lately that involved communication and getting along.’

Well they sure did have people on the edge of their seats, but thank God it was only for a few days. Soon after the two was seen trying to break the internet once again. This year, they are back and cuter than ever and rumor has it that Zayn proposed over the holidays. On that front, we will just have to wait and see.

Hopefully someone will be trading in the title of Zayn Malik’s girlfriend for that of Zayn Malik’s wife.

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Zayn Malik’s Sister

Her name is Safaa Malik and she seems to be as feisty as they come. She is 13 years old but she already seems to be pulling all sorts of attention. Sometime last year, she allegedly threw a sprinkle of shade, if you can sprinkle shade, at her brother’s current girlfriend.

When Zayn’s other sister, Waliyha Malik, posted a photo of their cousin, Sarooha Malik, on Instagram, fans started comparing her to Gigi and actually the resemblance is uncanny. Lots of people commented and made reference to it before Safaa added a little something of her own. In her words exactly, ‘ She does not look like that girl at all lol.’

The statement was reeking with attitude, but she went on to defend herself anyway. Apparently, someone had mentioned an @andrearussett, probably in a bid to say that Sarooha had another doppelganger. Zayn’s little sister argued that she was referring to @andrearussett and not Gigi.

That was not the end of it though, she took it up a notch by pic mixing a photo of her cousin and the Andrea girl in question, once again bluntly saying that they looked nothing alike. At that point people began to wonder why she was so aggressive about it.


To crown it all up, she posted a photo of her cousin captioned, ‘ My beautiful sister Sarooha👸🏻💗❤️I love her so much. My most fave person in the world👄’. There’s no doubt that the whole episode was as dramatic as can be, but now there’s a teenage girl named Safaa out there who is popular for ‘throwing shade’.

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