Zelina Bexander – Biography And Everything You Need To Know

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How well do you know Zelina Bexander? Like other popular WAGS, she is quite supportive and protective of her husband. If you’re still not in the know, Zelina is the wife of popular Dutch UFC fighter, . The prestigious UFC fighting platform has had quite a sufficient feel of Overeem and his exploits, and this also includes his wife Zelina and her sensual appeal. UFC lovers and fans of the fighter would most definitely have the same image of Zelina Bexander when her name pops up. It would interest you to find out more information about the wife of the ace fighter. Here is all you need to know.

Zelina Bexander Biography

Zelina has not been generous enough with details about her age or birthplace, but reports have it that the wife of the fighter is from Gothenburg, Sweden. After high school, she proceeded immediately to college and today is a graduate of the University of Gothenburg. This information is sure to wow negative thinkers who think she is only relevant for straddling Alistair when he wins a fight.

There’s more; after college Zelina like every other college graduate sought employment. She works as a Management Assistant with the company AkzoNobel. Bexander lives in the Netherlands and reports have it that she also spends time in the US as well. Zelina Bexander is not only popular for her relationship status but also for her husband’s charisma and notable achievements. This you’ll find out as you scroll through this post.

Everything You Should Know about Zelina Bexander

Her Husband’s Career

Bexnder and Overeem have been together for a long time. Overeem is a Kickboxer and Mixed Martial artist. Known for his energetic and tenacious drive, he is acknowledged for his uncommon feat of holding both MMA and K-1 world titles at the same time. The renowned fighter has also held Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, and many others.

Overeem is known for his remarkable defeats of several UFC champions including UFC Heavyweight Champions; Frank Mir, , Fabricio Werdum, Junior dos Santos, and many others. He is also known as one of the top-class MMA Fighters in history.

Relationship with Alistair Overeem

After dating for a long time, Zelina and Alistair were engaged in 2011 after Alistair popped the question. News of their engagement was received with great excitement by the public as well as their fans who have been expectant of a formalization of their union. The duo are happily married and have been together for a very long time. Together with Overeem, Zelina has a daughter named Yazz-Ley (born in 2016). The UFC fighter also has another daughter named Storm, from a previous relationship.

Net Worth

It is true her success has been linked to her fame as the wife of the UFC fighter, but this does not mean that Zelina Bexander leaves all the work for her husband. As earlier mentioned, Bexander works with AkzoNobel company according to her Linkedin profile. Her engagement with this company surely adds to her financial status. Her husband Alistair Overeem has his net worth estimated at a whopping $5 million. However, his salary as a UFC fighter is not known.


She is known for her sultry body features which she never fails to flaunt. Zelina Bexander looks fabulous in her blonde hair and large bust – just the combination needed to complete or make up a WAGS stereotype. Reports have it that Alistair’s wife has gone under the knife several times. She is said to have had breast augmentation surgery which is responsible for her big and nicely shaped bust. For this reason, Zelina’s body is always a center of attraction whenever she makes appearances with her hubby.

But she doesn’t mind and also does not hesitate to show it off and by so doing drags a lot of male fans as well. The actual figures for her height is not known but with a simple glance at the couple, you’ll see that she is almost dwarfed by her huge and strongly built husband who stands at an intimidating 6ft 5in. He weighs a proportional 112kg which gives him all the stamina he needs on the ring.

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