10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Gucci Gang’ Rapper Lil Pump

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The music industry is always expanding as new talents are being discovered every day. While most of these new acts have to toil and struggle for many years before they catch even a glimpse of mainstream success, there are some lucky ones who manage to become global sensations practically overnight. Gucci Gang rapper Lil Pump belongs to this latter category. The American songwriter and rapper is best known for his hit single Gucci Gang which thrust him firmly into the spotlight. The song reached no. 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum three times over by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The rapper has created the public persona of a troublemaker. He is seen as hyperactive, uncouth, and morally corrupt as he often sings or boasts about how much drugs he’s using, amongst other reprehensible behaviors. Lil Pump’s favored catchphrase “Esskeetit” has become common slang for “Let’s get it”. Forbes named the rapper on their list of 30 Under 30 in 2019. Lil Pump has released several hit songs since he broke into the music scene, including Be Like Me ft. , Racks on Racks, Esskeetit, Welcome to the Party, Butterfly Doors, and I Love It ft. .

Who Is Lil Pump?

The eccentric rapper was born Gazzy Garcia on 17 August 2000 in the city of Miami. His parents are Colombian immigrants but they separated when he was only six years old. He has an older half brother, whose name is unknown to the public.

Lil Pump was a troubled kid who was frequently getting into all kinds of scuffles in school and around town. He developed a deep love for music and soon began writing and making his own when he was 13, with the help of a young music producer called Smokepurpp.

His professional rap career began in 2016 when Smokepurpp created a track and encouraged him to freestyle to it, after which he released the record on Soundcloud as a single titled Lil Pump. The song received a lot of praise and attention, inspiring Lil Pump to release more tracks like Gang Shit, Elementary, Drum$tick, and Ignorant, all of which garnered more than three million plays. He was soon recognized as one of the veritable talents in the South Florida underground scene, and before long, he was having headlong tours and performing at festivals.

His next singles Boss and D Rose were released in 2017 on Soundcloud, garnering over 70 million streams combined. He then made a video for D Rose which was released on YouTube. By July 2018, the video had collected over 145 million views. Lil Pump’s growing popularity earned him the attention of major recording companies, including Warner Bros. Records and The Lights Global; he signed with the latter in 2017.

That same year, Lil Pump released his first Billboard-charting single Gucci Gang, accompanied by his debut self-titled studio album. In 2018, the rapper signed a new contract with Warner Bros. worth $8 million since the original one had been voided due to him being a minor at the time. He also released several new singles, all of which became hits. His second album, Harvard Dropout dropped on February 22, 2019. It featured other stars like , Kanye West, , , Smokepurpp, , and Lil Wayne.

Things You Didn’t Know About Gucci Gang Rapper Lil Pump

1. He was arrested on February 15, 2018, for firing a gun in his house. His mother was later investigated for keeping an unsecured firearm in the house and endangering a minor.

2. Lil Pump is banned from entering Denmark for two years as punishment for disrespecting a police officer who detained him for drug possession in December 2018.

3. He is close friends with the award-winning actor and star of Two and a Half Men, . The actor featured in the video for his song Drug Addicts.

4. Lil Pump owns a Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari, although he doesn’t have a driving license.

5. Even though he has an album titled Harvard Dropout, Lil Pump never actually attended Harvard. In fact, he didn’t graduate from high school because he was expelled in the 10th grade.

6. He once spent $120,000 shopping in a Gucci store.

7. He has a huge crush on the actress, and often takes to social media to express his love for her.

8. The rapper has his own cartoon character which he always includes in the artwork for his songs.

9. He is covered in a lot of tattoos, seven of which are on his face.

10. The video for his song Gucci Gang has accumulated almost a billion views on YouTube.

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