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Lenedra Carroll is someone who has touched almost everything there is to touch, an American who became famous as a businesswoman, a writer, and a mother of Grammy-nominated and multi-award winning singer, Jewel Kilcher.


Lenedra Carroll was born in 1952 in the heart of Alaska. It was also here, on a farmhouse that the woman who would grow to be controversial and a lot of other things including successful, was raised amidst poverty. Even though specific details about her life such as her education remains hidden, it is known that she had three siblings and her father was Jasper Jewel Carroll while her mother was Arva Carroll. The high points of her life revolved around her marriage to Atz who was a Mormon, and her involvement in the entertainment industry.

In the industry, Carroll was able to make her point not only as a singer and a manager but also as the CEO of a large entertainment enterprise that caters to the global market. Even though she is a woman who has won the admiration of a lot of people. What always comes back to haunt her is the story her children, most especially has to tell about her. This is even though the singer points out that she knows her mother is only but human.

Lenedra Carroll’s Husband, Family, and Children

One of the things that have contributed to the popularity of Carroll as earlier pointed out is her family. She was first married to Atz Kilcher who was himself a singer and TV personality. Although not much is known about their relationship or when the two got married, what is known is that the marriage ended in 1982. Just as nothing was known about the marriage, nothing was known about the reason why it ended.

Before the demise of the union, Lenedra and Atz had three children: Jewel who was born in 1974, Atz Lee (1977), and Shane Kilcher who is the eldest of the children and was born in 1969. All the children are popular as they are all in the entertainment industry with the two boys being a part of the reality series, Alaska; The Last Frontier,’ while Jewel is almost into many things like her mother, but even more. She is a singer, a writer, poet, businesswoman, and many other things.

Lenedra Caroll does not have one of the best relationships with her children most especially Jewel who didn’t hide the fact that her mother left her when she was as young as only 8 years old. More than that is the fact that it was Atz Kilcher who was granted custody of the children including jewel. To make matters worse, after Lenedra left, her husband became an alcoholic and was abusive towards the children, most especially Jewell who revealed how hard it was for her as a child after her mother left.

In her book, however, Jewel revealed that even as it went that way, Lenedra Carroll became her manager for some time and they even started the , a nonprofit organization, together before things went sour between the two, and both of them parted ways without contact in 2010. Interestingly enough, Caroll has been unable to build any relationship with her family even with her children, and instead, it was her husband who had been an abusive father that was able to build a good relationship with them.

After parting ways with Atz, Lenedra remained single and has not remarried, but Atz has gone on to marry TV personality, Bonnie Dupre.


Facts about Lenedra Carroll 

  • She rose from poverty to become very rich
  • Nedra, as she is fondly called, is a singer, writer, and a businesswoman
  • She has been unable to have a good relationship with her children most especially her daughter Jewel
  • Jewel revealed that Caroll contributed to her rise as a creative person
  • She is a poet, a consultant, a teacher, and a spokesperson.
  • She has not remarried since her divorce from her husband, and she is not known to have publicly dated any other person.
  • Nedra has been said to have a net worth of $13 million. It is important to note, however, that this amount has not been confirmed officially.

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