5 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Ben Mendelsohn

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Ben Mendelsohn is popularly known as an actor of Australian nationality who caught the attention of indigenous movie lovers from Australia after his awe-inspiring performance in the 1987 movie, The Year My Voice Broke. He then rose to international recognition after he acted in the 2010 crime film, Animal Kingdom. One thing that makes him endearing happens to be the way he executes a villainous role, a character which seems to suit him quite well.

In 2016, his hard work paid off as he was nominated for a Golden Globe award. In the same year, he got to fulfill one of his earliest childhood dreams which was to one day star in a Star Wars movie as he was cast in the role of ‘Director Orson Krennic’ in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Here are more compelling facts about him.

5 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Ben Mendelsohn

1. Ben Mendelsohn’s Parents and Early Life

Ben Mendelsohn was born to Frederick Arthur Oscar Mendelsohn and Carole Ann (née Ferguson) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 3rd of April 1969. His father is a Professor Emeritus as a result of the fact that he was once the head of the Howard Florey Institute located in Melbourne. His mum though deceased, was a registered nurse. Ben also has two brothers; David Mendelsohn and Tom Mendelsohn and they are registered nurses just like their mother.

For his education, Ben was a student of Heidelberg Primary School; after his graduation, he attended Banyule High and Eltham Highschools. While in high school, he decided to go for drama classes because he felt it was a much easier class to thrive in. Soon enough, he came across an advert placement about auditions for Crawford Productions. He got selected and thus had the chance to appear in one of the episodes of “Who Do You Think You Are” an Australian television series centered on tracing the ancestry of the show’s participant.

2. Mendelsohn Rarely Watches His Work

One thing that has been a code for Ben Mendelsohn is that he doesn’t watch his movies or performance in a television series that he stars in. The reason is that most times he finds himself criticizing his work from his appearance (like how his head was tilted, or how wide he opened his eyes) to how his voice sounds. This was a major problem for him because he used to constantly find faults whenever he watched himself but after he decided to stop watching his performances, he found that more people told him that he actually improved.

Though it was odd at first because he didn’t believe that it was possible for him to keep acting without correcting or improving what he thought needed to be improved. But since the compliments kept pouring in, he decided to stick to his decision. However, he made an exception for the Star Wars: Rogue One movie. This exception was made because he was a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise since he was a kid and playing a character in the movie years later was a privilege he wanted to savor.

3. Marriage And Relationships 

Ben Mandelson got married to the prolific writer, Emma Forrest in June 2012. They were introduced to each other by David Michod, the director of the movie Animal kingdom, while they were out attending an event in the U.S. Before the pair were joined in holy matrimony, Emma had written a memoir which centered around her previous relationship with Collin Farrell. Though she didn’t mention the name of Irish actor, the alias she used and the way she wrote the memoir gave enough hint as to who the piece was about.

She revealed in an interview that she felt better writing about her partners than talking about them. Ben Mendelsohn and Forrest have a daughter together. He also had a daughter who was born from his previous relationship with an anonymous woman. The union between Ben and Emma ended in a divorce in 2016.

4. Accent Expert

Ben Mendelsohn is one actor who is very good with accents. His accent manipulating ability was in full swing in the movie Star Wars: Rogue One, where he played the role of Krennic. According to Ben, his accent in the movie was a mixture of classic British imperial sound and a little of his natural Australian accent. More so, his skill in accent maneuvering was further enhanced with the help of Thom Jones, a professor and dialect coach at Brown University.

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5. Villain Roles

Sometimes, being typecast in a particular role for a long time can be a bit frustrating for an actor. When it comes to Ben Mendelsohn on the other hand, he is enjoying the ride of being cast as the villain in most movies and tv shows that he stars in. Due to his looks, personality and charm, the audience and cast directors love him playing the role of a villain because he does it so well.

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